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Making vehicles special Care Transport Vehicle:

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The New WAS Bariatric / ICU: A Lot of Space for a Wide Range of Applications. SHORT DESCRIPTION This large vehicle offers exible solutions for a wide range of applications. The generously dimensioned patient Bariatric / Intensive care transport ambulance compartment offers plenty of space to handle even a very complex intensive care transport. Moreover, the vehicle is optimally suited for the transport of adipose patients. A heavy-duty stretcher, which is loaded into the vehicle by means of a loading platform, can be easily installed in the vehicle. An electronic balance integrated in the...

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Data Sheet WAS 500 Bariatric/ICU - 3

INTERIOR Spacious cabinet at the partition wall, with large working surface Compressor cooling box and thermo box integrated in the front cabinet Flexible assembly in the patient compartment on air-line rails Possibility for the xation of a hospital bed or a bariatric stretcher Removable and sliding tables left-hand side and right-hand side wall Comfortable operation of the whole technology by means of touch display (CAN-Bus control) Converter 1800 VA Emergency aggregator in addition to 230 V power supply (in the event of long standing periods of the vehicle) Additional battery pack 2 x 104...

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The Bariatric / Intensive Care Transport Ambulance: A Maximum of Flexibility and Ergonomics. SPECIAL FEATURES Weighing function (calibrated +/− 0,5 kg), integrated in the lifting platform, documentation supplied from a printer Airline tracks in the vehicle oor offer a great exibility for seating and support systems Lifting platform Power supply 230 V when the vehicle is driving Accident recorder WAS Door Assist BASE VEHICLE Model Vehicle type Engine power Wheel base total weight The patient compartment can be individually equipped to meet the requirements of all kinds of emergency...

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