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Emergency Medical Equipment Vehicle - 1

Making vehicles special Disaster relief vehicle: equipment vehicle.

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Emergency Medical Equipment Vehicle - 2

The WAS emergency medical equipment vehicle: Ideal space concept for exible in-use supply. SHORT DESCRIPTION The emergency medical equipment vehicle is a supply component for disaster relief. The optimised distribution of all the storage space allows for safe and neat accommodation of all equipment for the care of patients. The necessary facilities can therefore be used without delay at the deployment location. Safety during transport and exibility in the equipment is provided among other things by the shelf system with variable proles: they allow all the loading components to be specically...

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Emergency Medical Equipment Vehicle - 3

The impressive capacity of the vehicle is not at all obvious from the outside because of the optimum utilisation of space. 12/24 V on-board power supply Side equipment spaces 1 – 4 closed off with aluminium 230-V external network supply roller shutters Battery charger Rear equipment space with taillift Mechanical battery isolator switch Rear equipment space with variable load securing concept Switch strip integrated in the dashboard for all controls Shelf system with variable proles with pictographic display Specic accommodation of all loading components LED luminescent bands for optimum...

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Emergency Medical Equipment Vehicle - 4

The WAS emergency medical equipment vehicle: Variable shelf system for more clarity and safety. MEDICAL EQUIPMENT 1 trolley for accommodating an inatable tent 1 trolley capable of accommodating an emergency generator Complete tent heating Emergency rucksacks Spineboard Euro boxes and baskets Vacuum mattress Lighting kit for the inatable tent Portable fridge and thermobox Hygienic wall 10 folding stretchers Stretcher brackets Folding signs The extendible holding xtures enable easy removal of individual pieces of equipment. Stand with halogen spotlight Cordon materials The medical facilities...

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