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Making vehicles special Comfortable and Streamlined: The New Sprinter WAS 500 Ambulance.

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The New Sprinter WAS 500 Type C, 5 T: Equipment Features Providing Optimal Use of Space. SHORT DESCRIPTION Perfect use of space combined with ergonomic design for rescue personnel and patients following highest requirements in security and technology: The new WAS 500 on a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter chassis presents all established standards of the WAS brand. The patient compartment offers optimal working conditions and enough space for a comfortable treatment of the patient. A new generation of furniture with large rounded edges and handle-free fronts as well as illuminated grab handles...

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EXTERIOR LED working lights Latest front and rear LED warning system WAS New Design LED flashers integrated in the side view mirrors Intersection lights Warning system integrated in the bumpers 2 x 2 pressure air horn siren mounted under the bumpers, with special snow covers LED rear warning system LED lighting at driver’s and co-driver’s doors Rear lights in LED technology Rear view camera in rear console 360° eagle eye vision camera Exterior and interior body panels made from polyester-coated aluminium The new furniture design means that the interior space can be flexibly designed according...

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The New Sprinter WAS 500 RTW Type C, 5 T: State of the Art in Technology and Comfort. BOX BODY Model Emergency Ambulance Type C • Side sliding door on the right, 770 mm wide, with sliding window • Rear double hinged doors • Large access compartment door front right side, for two emergency cases or bags • Underfloor compartment at the front, left side • Rear access compartment, left side, right side, for carrying chair, spine board, scoop stretcher etc. The noise reduction inside modern vehicles has the consequence that it becomes more diffi cult for road users to recognise rescue vehicles....

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