WAS 300 Emergency Ambulance Ford Transit Panel Van 4.3 T


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Making vehicles special DRIVER’S COMPARTMENT Center console between driver's and co-driver's seat Central operation touch panel for all necessary functions Additional control panels above the dashboard Display of distance control systems Rear view screen when operating the reverse gear SPECIAL FEATURES Electro-hydraulic ambulance table with WAS Multi-Load Assist system The complete vehicle conversion is made of organic-free materials: no defects in the material, no germ formation With its special material and 2 independent heavy-duty air-conditioning units, the vehicle is perfectly adapted to hot countries Continuous mobile data connectivity is guaranteed by standalone data transfer systems like 4G and KymetaTM satellite systems Warning FM radio system for surrounding traffic while an ambulance is approaching The patient stretcher can be easily moved into any position required. Emergency Ambulance: The New WAS 300. BASE VEHICLE Model Ford Transit Engine Petrol Gearbox Automatic transmission Wietmarscher Ambulanz- und Sonderfahrzeug GmbH | Lingener StraBe 1 | 49835 Wietmarschen, Germany Phone +49 5925 991-100 | Fax +49 5925 991-602 | info@was-vehicles.com | www.was-vehicles.com

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The New WAS 300: Sets New Equipment Standards. EXTERIOR LEFT SIDE WALL LED flashers as body flashers, intersection flashers, Three-part overhead compartment penetration flashers as well as in the front light bar Space for medical equipment Low level storage compartment below the medical Electronic siren installed below the engine, Rear compartment to store two oxygen cylinders with AC system: independent AC system for the driver’s cab an automatic change over system and for the patient compartment with independent com- All items are fixed vibration-free pressors, solar fan functioning when...

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