WAS 500 Ambulance Type C


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WAS 500 Ambulance Type C - 1

Emergency Ambulance SHORT DESCRIPTION The ambulance has been tailored to the specic needs of the emergency services. The width of the box body has been minimised to ensure good vehicle handling, even in trafc situations where space is limited. To reduce the vehicle‘s height and avoid damage to the vehicle, the visual warning system has been mounted on the front and rear of the vehicle. Special attention has been paid to the ergonomics for the ambulance crew. For example, the vehicle is equipped with WAS MultiLoad Assist, the entry assistance system for wheeled stretchers. There is a medical attendant‘s seat with folding table on the left-hand side of the box body. The patient data acquisition system and the medical equip- The emergency medical cases, scoop stretcher, stretcher chair and vacuum mattress can be removed quickly and safely next to the side entrance to the patient compartment. ment are operated from here via a monitor. BOX BODY Designation Emergency Ambulance Type C • Space-saving sliding door with an opening of 770 mm at the front • Rear double-wing door • Storage compartment front right for emergency medical case, medical equipment and salvage gear • Storage compartment rear right for accommodating a stretcher chair and the vacuum mattress • Step on the rear as an impact guard • Roof vents The generous access through the rear door and the WAS Multi-Load Assist entry assistance system enable ambulance crew to load and unload the vehicle unobstructed. The concept is transferrable to other base vehicle types. The equipment is an example and can be customized.

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WAS 500 Ambulance Type C - 2

WAS | 500 EMERGENCY AMBULANCE TYPE C, 4.6 T BASE VEHICLE Reversing camera with shutter Mercedes-Benz Sprinter LED oodlights on the vehicle sides and on the rear Vehicle type Visual LED warning lightbar on the front and rear sides Engine power LED front asher in the radiator grille • Air-conditioning unit • Pneumatic suspension 2 acoustic warning systems: one electronic (Hänsch Type 620) and one compressor-controlled Wheel base system (2 x 2 dual-tone siren) 4.6 T with Super Single tyres weight INTERIOR Tall cupboard for accommodating the oxygen canisters 2 revolving medical attendant seats...

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