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WAS 500 Emergency Ambulance - 1

Making vehicles special Emergency Ambulance: The WAS 500 Ambulance. WAS | 500 EMERGENCY AMBULANCE

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WAS 500 Emergency Ambulance - 2

The New WAS 500: Technology and Design at Their Best. SHORT DESCRIPTION Whether it is the daily use under adverse conditions or Sliding door at the right side and compartment door be it the use as VIP transporter – this WAS 500 defines for easy access to emergency bags and medical air the standards worldwide by using modern technologies as for example a 360° special warning light, a special Compartment door for easy access to spine board, super hot country box body construction, an acoustic scoop stretcher, vaccum mattress and carrying chair warning device, a compressor refrigerator, durable...

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WAS 500 Emergency Ambulance - 3

The interior fi nish is particularly robust and of low-maintenance. The WAS SanSafe system removes all germs and pathogens, even in the smallest gaps which are diffi cult to access. LEFT SIDE WALL High efficiency LED lighting including blue trauma light Storing space for the medical equipment WAS SanSafe system: Nebulising system with H2O2, Hanging locker hydrogen peroxide (perfectly safe in the event of Ebola, Rotating and foldable seat with three point belt MERS, SARS, Lasser fever) Central control unit WAS electro hydraulic table with WAS Multi-Load system: Intercom with the driver •...

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WAS 500 Emergency Ambulance - 4

With its special material, box body construction and 3 independent air-conditioning units, the vehicle is perfectly adapted to hot countries The panels of the box body can be easily repaired. The complete box body can be exchanged and put onto a new chassis. This increases the life time of an ambulance unit and reduces the costs. Aerodynamic box body in combination with a 6-cylinder-motor and an engine power of 258 hp for perfect manoeuvring in any situation The concept is transferable to other base vehicle types. The equipment is an example and can be customised. Wietmarscher Ambulanz- und...

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