DRY300D Endoscope drying cabinet


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DRY300D Endoscope drying cabinet - 1

Also available with integral compressor Specialists in endoscope reprocessing for more than 30 years! + Care for your endoscope Safe & controlled drying and conditioned storage for up to 10 flexible endoscopes. + Always endoscopes ready for use Prevents recontamination and bacterial growth after washing & disinfection. Suitable for every logistic situation Available as pass through and non-pass through systems. Know where your endoscopes are One traceability system for both washing & disinfection and drying & conditioning. Pass through The DRY300 series is also available as a pass through system.

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DRY300D Endoscope drying cabinet - 2

+ Air circulation control + Independent drying positions + Bacteria free air through channels i OPTIMUM CONTROL + Endoscope storage time control + Temperature control + Filter condition control DIMENSIONS AND WEIGHT Width x Depth x Height: 1300 x 450 x 2070 mm Width with doors open (180°): 2000 mm Depth with doors open (90°): 960 mm Weight when empty (approx.): 280 kg Clearance required for access during service above the machine (approx.): 50 cm Right and left sides of the machine: the systems can be placed next to each other AIR SUPPLY Compressed air pressure: min. 2.0 bar, max. 8.0...

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