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SPECIALISTS IN ENDOSCOPE REPROCESSING FOR MORE THAN 30 YEARS! For Every Patient a Safe Endoscope It is our mission to contribute to a safe, clean and disinfected endoscope for every patient and for each procedure. Every Wassenburg solution contributes to safe and controlled reprocessing of flexible endoscopes. The DRY320, a new drying and storage cabinet, provides ergonomic handling for its users and has been developed to provide optimum positioning and support for the endoscope with proven drying efficacy. The DRY320 is fully compliant with the NEN-EN 16442:2015 standard. It offers a safe and controlled drying process for the endoscopes and conditioned storage for up to 10 flexible endoscopes. The controlled environment ensures that during drying and storage there is no deterioration of the microbiological quality of the endoscope and prevents recontamination and formation of biofilms. This all allows the safe use of endoscopes after an extended period from the time of reprocessing as required in the NEN-EN 16442:2015. Vertical hanging allows gravity to facilitate the drying process, gives an optimum protection of the endoscope and is in compliance with the recommendations of the ESGE-ESGENA Guideline 939. Designed with users The DRY320 has been designed in collaboration with users to ensure excellent ergonomics and to support an efficient workflow for any endoscopy or decontamination department. With a new and unique pull-down positioning system, endoscope handling and connection to each individual air supply are easier for all users regardless of height. Users can ergonomically load and connect the endoscope, preventing physical strain and reducing potential risk of damaging the endoscope. LED status indicators, integrated in the position brackets, show which endoscope is available and, in case of alarms, identifies the alarming position. PRODUCT FEATURES Ergonomics + Pull-down positioning system for ergonomically loading and connecting the endoscope + Clear and unobstructed view inside the cabinet + Status and positioning indication through LED indicators in positioning brackets + Status and positioning indication in coloured touch screen + Touchless loading using automated door opening Workflow + Multiple endoscope unloading + 10 endoscope positions + Universal storage bracket + Optional connection to Process Manager registration and traceability software WaSSGDBURG -medical

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Worflow, continued Scope protection ++ Extended storage periods ++ Support for the video connector ++ Smooth surface for easy cleaning ++ Controlled access to the endoscopes ++ Optional pre-set position assignment ++ Solid positioning of the endoscope in the bracket TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Number of positions 10 Space per endoscope 99mm Drying time 90 minutes Storage time 72 hours (30 days pending testing) Ambient temperature 18°C - 35°C Dimensions 1300mm (w) x 453mm (d) x 2074mm (h) Weight 200 kg Electrical supply 230 VAC; 50-60 Hz; 2.2A (incl. compressor 4.8A) Pressure 2 – 8 bar Maximum...

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