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for more than 30 years! PRODUCT FEATURES For Every Patient a Safe Endoscope It is our mission to provide a clean and disinfected endoscope for every patient and for each procedure. All EndoHigh® product combinations are exclusively developed for WASSENBURG® Washer-disinfectors, providing excellent and 100% safe process performance. The new EndoHigh® PAA is a high level disinfectant that achieves efficacy fast - even at ambient temperatures. The required spectrum -including sporicidal activity - is covered. Connect and Go! EndoHigh® PAA is a one-component concentrated product and is fully compatible with EndoHigh® Detergent. This single use disinfectant does not require an activator or mixing of ingredients during a process cycle and thus creates a safe environment for the user. All it takes to run a program is a simple connection to the washer-disinfector and go! With a cycle time of only 24* minutes an excellent process performance is guaranteed. Like all EndoHigh® products the EndoHigh® PAA has been thoroughly type tested in combination with the WASSENBURG® Washer-disinfectors and is compliant with ISO 15883-4. Compliance + In compliance with Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC + Successfully type tested according to ISO 15883: 1-4 + Fully tested and approved according to ISO 15883: 5 Smart + Efficient: 24* minutes cycle time + Efficacy in just 5 minutes at 35°C + Compatibility with common brands of flexible endoscopes + Single use, no activator required + Minimal residual left in can * Process time for normal program for actual WASSENBURG® Washer-disinfectors. User friendly + EndoHigh® Detergent is also perfectly suitable and safe for manual pre-cleaning + Environmentally friendly, readily biodegradable + Shelf life 15 months

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EndoHigh® PROCESS EndoHigh® product combinations are exclusively developed for cleaning and high level disinfection of endoscopes reprocessed in the WASSENBURG® WD415, WD440 and WD440 PT (pass through) Endoscope washer-disinfectors. EndoHigh® PAA SPECIFICATIONS Active ingredient Peracetic acid 11.5% Efficacy claim 5 minutes at 35°C Dilution required Automatically performed in the WASSENBURG® Washer-disinfector. The EndoHigh® PAA is for single use and no activator is required. Dosing concentration 1.3% Active ingredient Optimized blend of detergents and solubilizers....

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