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i0 reprocessing i than 30 years! For Every Patient a Safe Endoscope! It is our mission to provide a clean and disinfected endoscope for every patient and each procedure. Every Wassenburg solution is designed to contribute to a 100% safe and controlled treatment of flexible endoscopes. Our new Process Manager IIPLUS traceability software collects process data and transforms it into meaningful information. Actions can be optimized based on valuable insights. Process Manager IIPLUS and Patient Safety Data is critical to control care. For endoscope cleaning and disinfection, data from different sources (user, patient, specialist, endoscope, washer disinfector and process) is registered, digitally stored and traceable with Process Manager IIPLUS. In this add-on web-based server application, data is collected and transformed to: Monitor Process Results + Permanent indication of washer disinfector and process status + A clear and detailed process-report per process + Advanced search functions Manage Equipment, Endoscopes, Users and Workflow Professionally + Manage endoscope safety + Link procedure (event) data to endoscopes: washer disinfector, user, specialist and patient + Manage equipment and endoscope maintenance + Monitor utilization of washer disinfector and/or endoscope + Manage user levels and user rights + Transform insights in user workflow into users learning curve + Work with personalised filters Provide Statistics and Process Graphs + Real-time process graph per cycle + Monitor critical and IMS parameters with a 5-second accuracy + Endoscope-, user-, washer disinfector- and service-statistics + Export statistics to Excel Connect Patient Data Records + Optional : Data transfer to third party software Process Manager IIPLUS provides an all-round solution. It can be applied to any number and combination of WASSENBURG® Washer-disinfectors and drying & storage cabinets. Therefore it is suitable for a small private clinic as well as a large hospital with multiple locations. As Process Manager IIPLUS is web-based, it can be accessed from any PC or laptop with an internet connection. * Contact your local Wassenburg supplier for more information WaSSGflBURG -medical

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SPECIFICATIONS PROCESS MANAGER IIPLUS MINIMUM SERVER-SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS Processor: Intel E6800 comparable or higher processor. Operating system: Windows server 2008 or 2008 R2 (32 or 64 bits), 2012 or 2012 R2 Internal memory: Min. 2GB Web browsers: Microsoft Internet Explorer version 7 or higher Firefox version 3 or higher Safari version 4 or higher Google Chrome version 4 or higher MINIMUM WORKSTATION REQUIREMENTS Processor: PC with Intel T1350 processor comparable or higher Internal memory: 1GB Web browsers: Microsoft Internet Explorer version 7 or higher Firefox version 3 or...

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