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MPB - 1

Roll-Packer Alpha-Pack-Bins Mobile-Pack-Bins Roto-Compactors Self-cleaning pendulum blade reaching under the waste material. Compactor for residual waste and wet waste.

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MPB - 2

Representation of the self-cleaning pendulum blade in rear position During the press stroke, the entire filling area is available for continuous filling In the prestroke, the material is compacted under the breakwall edge towards the container In the return stroke, the piston-driven pendulum crosses below the material and throws it in front of the press plate

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MPB - 3

BERGMANN Mobile-Pack-Bins. An invention of BERGMANN. The system invented 40 years ago by Berg-mann guarantees cleanliness without external refuse deposits. The MPB can be fed continuously, because the swing piston crosses below the waste that is fed during backstroke. This drops in front of the press plate and is pressed into the container on the prestroke. This is how optimal compression is achieved. Years of experience and continuous development led to a lower dead weight with higher construction stability. The piston-driven pendulum. With self-cleaning effect. The oscillating suspended...

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MPB - 4

Bergmann MPB 907 with pendulum discharge door and special equipment Machines and Equipment Two powerful series for supermarkets, canteen kitchens, hotels, hospitals, food productions. For skip-lift vehicles or roll-on roll-off vehicles

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MPB - 5

Types of refuse Locations Charge box capacity Charging hole Loading of containers Rollers Operating weight Drive Additional equipment optional Wet refuse, residual waste and domestic waste Restaurants, hotels, hospitals, food productions, slaughterhouses, supermarkets, printing houses Hook lift, in the front foldable, adjustable, pick-up points for in the rear optional skip-lift vehicles, variable Two in the rear (optionally in the front) without 5.5 kW electric motors/380-415 V/32A Hydraulic individual pump with differential switching (Double pump optional) % full level signal,...

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MPB - 6

Full signal message: 75% and/or 100% full signal via GSM module to you or your disposal contractor – by E-Mail, SMS or fax! Full level signal as SMS or e-mail Bin-lift-tipping device Loading bucket for loose material Bulkhead with cover and lid opener Solutions Customised series production. With lots of additional options and special solutions. Uncompromising customer focus.

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MPB - 7

BERGMANN Mobile-Pack-Bins Bin-lift-tipping device. Universal for all sizes. The BERGMANN bin-lift-tipping device lifts up the waste bin and tips the waste into the compaction chamber. The special feature compared with conventional bin lifts is that it first lifts up the bin and then tips it. This means that waste bins of different heights can be picked up – without any need for adjustment! From 120 l bins through to large 1,100 l roller bins. Available with pinion or/and comb-type lift-tipping system. Customer-specific special solutions. Special tasks call for special solutions. This is...

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MPB - 8

The hallmarks of all BERGMANN machines: They are market leader in terms of compaction And cost-efficiency. Permit continuous filling. Are easy to empty. And require extremely low maintenance. The rolling pronged drums for open containers. Both as a stationary or mobile compactor for waste and recyclable materials. Used worldwide for over 30 years. Compaction containers designed for refuse and wet waste. Smart pendulum blade technology renders cleaning in the compaction area unnecessary. Compaction containers with self-cleaning throw-over blade technology. For paper, cardboard packaging and...

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