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ACCUVAC Basic Clear airways fast anywhere medical* technology

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ACCUVAC Basic Clear airways fast anywhere Free and clear airways are crucial to a patient‘s survival. For decades ACCUVAC Basic has been the standard for airway suction. ACCUVAC Basic effectively removes obstructions to breathing from the patient‘s mouth, nose and throat or from tracheal and bronchial tubes. The portable suction pump can be used at the scene of an emergency, in the hospital, in nursing homes and in home care. Broad area of application, wide negative pressure range ACCUVAC Basic: decisively safer Variety of uses Reliable and hygienic Easy operation EN 1789-compliant, secure...

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Reliable use in any situation High patient safety with negative pressure regulation from -0.05 to -0.8 bar Reliable secretion collection in auto-clavable reusable canister with bacteria filter and overflow protection or with disposable collection bag with integrated over flow valve. Easy-to-read negative pressure on gauge Very robust Stable housing and and low center of gravity keep device from tipping over Simple push-button release and removal of device from wall mounting requires only one hand Wall mounting with integrated charger: Device is automatically charged when inserted in the...

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Consumable material 1000 ml, with hydrophobic filter and solidifying agent (package unit: 32 pieces in carton) 9 Disposable suction tube with fingertip control for use WM 10778 with disposable system 180 cm long, 0 7 mm, also available in sets of 10, 20, 32 and 50 pieces 9 Reusable suction tube WM 10662 130 cm long, 0 10 mm, also available in □ Endpiece with fingertip control WM 10666 also available in sets of 10, 20 and 50 pieces El Bacteria filter for reusable collection canister WM 10675 also available in sets of 25, 50 and 100 pieces Accessories ACCUVAC Basic Holder for reusable...

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Suction Replacement Parts for Reusable System Vent tab Filter cover, WM 10632 Bacteria filter, WM 10675 Reinforcing clamp, WM 10641 Locking clamp Secretion cover, WM 10636 Ball, WM 10643 Sealing ring, WM 10635 Endpiece with fingertip control, WM 10666 Suction tube, WM 10662 Replacement Parts for ACCUVAC Basic Release button set, green Noise suppressor Lead-acid battery Tube holding plate, green Fuse for power supply (F1/F100) and rechargeable battery (F2/F101) Fuse for vehicle plug Angled connector for ACCUVAC suction port Replacement Parts for Disposable Serres System Serres canister,...

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Suction Technical Data ACCUVAC Basic Standards used: Rechargeable battery Service life: 400 charge and discharge cycles in about 3 years Dimensions (W x H x D) With reusable system: With disposable system: high vacuum / highflow > 40 minutes at full charge Charging time: Classification in EN ISO 10079-1: Operating life: Max. storage time without charging: Type of rechargeable battery: 370 x 280 x 140 mm 390 x 280 x 140 mm (device including holder) 410 x 280 x 140 mm (device including holder and vacuum tube) sealed lead-acid battery 3.4 Ah Free flow at device inlet (without canister):...

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