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ACCUVAC Pro Product Brochure

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Experience in Great Shape – Professionals Demand Nothing Less

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Experience in Great Shape - Professionals Demand Nothing Less The first life-saving step involves clearing the patient‘s airways of obstructions so that effective ventilation can be administered. In an emergency situation the patient‘s survival depends on keeping the airways clear. ACCUVAC Pro Your advantages at a glance Variable use ensures free and clear airways by suctioning the mouth and throat or endotracheal or bronchial areas. The Simple operation, robust pump‘s high suction capacity and its easy handling assist medical personnel in carrying out this effective and proven patient...

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Convenient operation, broad application spectrum Ideal operation in everyday medical services High suction capacity of about 34 liters/minute at -0.8 bar (at device inlet) Optimum accommodation of suction tube in holder on side of device Rechargeable battery: user can easily change battery without opening device and without tools Modern lithium-ion rechargeable battery with greater Single-handed release from wall mounting with the press of a button Compatible with existing run time of more than 60 minutes Four pre-defined vacuum levels can be selected ACCUVAC wall mounting Optionally...

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1000 ml, with hydrophobic filter and solidifying agent (packaging unit: 32 items in carton) 3 Disposable suction tube with fingertip control for use with disposable system, 180 cm in length, 7 mm ID, also available in sets of 10, 20, 32 and 50 tubes 9 Reusable suction tube WM 10662 130 cm long, 10 mm ID, also available in Fingertip control for reusable suction tube 10 mm ID WM 10666 also available in sets of 10, 20 and 50 9 Set of 10 bacteria filters for reusable secretions canister WM 17830 Battery compartment cover for accessories bag for 100V to 240V alternating current to ACCUVAC device...

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Replacement parts for reusable system Upper part of secretions canister cover, □ O-Ring for filter holder, WM 11663 3 Lower part of secretions canister cover, a Ball float valve, WM 11662 3 Reusable secretions canister 1000 ml, 3 Reusable suction tube 3 Fingertip control for reusable E Reusable canister system with holder, ■ Secretions canister cover, complete, consisting of replacement parts 1 - 6, ■ Set, reusable canister system, consisting of replacement parts 1 - 9, Conversion set for reusable canister system, consisting of replacement parts 1-10, Replacement parts for Serres®...

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Technical Data ACCUVAC Pro RoHS-conformity as per Directive 2011/65/EU (RoHS II) High vacuum/high flow Standards used Dimensions (W x H x D): w ith reusable canister system w ith disposable canister system Weight: D evice with rechargeable battery/without cansister system and holder R eusable canister system with holder for reusable canister system D isposable canister system with holder for disposable canister system Operation: Temperature range Maximum current consumption Rated voltage Suction capacity at device inlet (without canister system) at -0.8 bar, fully charged battery and 21...

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