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The corpuls3 offers an entirely new and revolutionary design concept compared with traditional compact defibrillator/ Your benefits at a glance monitoring devices. It is designed as a complete modular system and can be split into: Monitoring unit Patient box Defibrillator/Pacer unit This means unrivalled ergonomics, functionality and flexibility. Wireless communication The unique wireless network technology allows operation of the components independently as if they were physically connected. Total weight with Defib-module SLIM only 6.3 kg The constant and immediate feedback of corPatch CPR...

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Monitoring unit Maximum mobility, Simple user interface, Fast diagnosis The Monitoring unit gives the user control of the corpuls3 system. Here you can configure your alarm limits, view and alter Your benefits at a glance patient vital signs and document operations. The detachable Monitoring unit guarantees easy hand­ing yet l provides a sophisticated solution at all times. Weighing only 2.7 kg (incl. battery and printer paper) the unit is easy to operate when arm held. The contoured handle bar and all around protection ensures that the Monitoring unit will withstand even the harshest...

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Patient box Uninterruptible monitoring from the EMS site into the hospital The Patient box is the ”heart” of the system (weighing just 1.0 - 1.3 kg, depending on configuration). It contains all measuring parameters as well as interfaces and storage. Vital signs are monitored and stored here plus it can be easily placed directly with the patient and remain there throughout the entire operation. The problem in the past of connecting and disconnecting of cables and sensors is now history. With the Patient box they are already preconnected inside the protective bag and can be used immediately....

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Defibrillator Improved ergonomics and flexibility The modular design of the corpuls3  enables you to totally disconnect the Defibrillator/Pacer unit when it is not needed – e.g. while transferring the patient into the hospital – you can leave the defibrillator in the emergency vehicle. The weight reduction not only offers you greater mobility and flexibility, but you also have all the advantages the corpuls3 provides in ergonomics and functionality on the EMS site. Enhance your therapy options with the smartMetronome The smartMetronome supports you with the guidance to compression frequency...

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Mounting and storage Solutions for every scenario Mounting The mounting and storage of a defibrillator/patient monitoring Mounting for the Monitoring unit system is essential as part of the solution to meet the range of demands users experience in EMS. GS evaluated the solutions required for mounting and charging from the very first stages of the conceptual design of this new generation of devices. Low weight, slim profile installation depth Also suitable for Monitoring unit with Patient box The new corpuls3 modular system is equipped with totally new and innovative solutions to mount not...

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Compact unit The corpuls3 can be used like traditional defibrillator/monitoring units. Using the corpuls3 as a compact unit at the EMS site you can experience the benefits and advantages the modular architecture of the system can bring to the scene. The corpuls3 can be separated into a Monitoring unit, a Patient box and a Defibrillator/Pacer unit. The Patient box can remain with the patient throughout the entire operation and keeps you updated with all vital signs while you are holding the Monitoring unit. If you need the defibrillator or pacer – just use it! You decide, you choose the...

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Why Telemedicine? Telemetry in Emergency Care Medical studies in the last few years have shown that a quick By using telemedicine in the pre-hospital care, the door-to-balloon and professional treatment of the patient already in the pre- time is reduced significantly.* hospital field significantly increases the survival rate. Additionally, the increasing cost pressure in the health care system demands innovative and cost-cutting solutions not only from EMS providers, but also from manufacturers of medical technology. technologies and medical technology in a way that only a few years ago was...

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The solution: corpuls.web Medical Data from the scene to the hospital Transfer medical data The browser-based application corpuls.web enables paramedics Supported Web-Browsers to transfer medical data recorded with corpuls3 from the scene Mozilla Firefox in real-time to specialists in the hospital. Microsoft Internet Explorer So the specialists gain the important and necessary information to be all set until the arrival of the patient. Google Chrome Apple Safari The on-site consulting by a specialist and the intra-hospital preparation helps to save restricted resources and encourages the...

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corpuls.web Improves patient care At the Emergency Site: The prehospital personnel arrives on the scene and performs a first examination of the patient. To make better decisions, the medical data collected on-site with corpuls3 are streamed to clinical specialists. Transmission of D-ECGs, events and patient data Transmission of all curves and vital parameters The Receiving Specialist: The specialist is able to get a first overview of the emergency situation with any end device connected to the internet in hospital or at any other location. Assessment and diagnosis of patient data by using...

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The communication concept corpuls.web Dynamic Data Static Data Vital parameters Patient data Events / Alarms Master data Automated calls* Browserbased application Automatic forwarding of 12 lead diagnostic ECG (configurable with forwarding rules) Manual forwarding of 12 lead diagnostic ECG Forwarding destinations E-Mail address (S)FTP server directories per upload Network drive directories Fax end device (optional) DICOM* Datamed HL7/aECG* ECG-converter** *Will be available in the future **For further information:

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Realtime medical data from the emergency site Mission list Live data ■ Configurable mission list for displaying new and already ■ Realtime display of curves and parameters transmitted reviewed missions from the corpuls3 ■ Displaying and editing of patient and master data ■ Display of all technical and physiological events and ■ Display of the 12 lead preview of the diagnostic ECG ■ Selection of the lead to be measured ■ Manual 2-point measurement of a lead ■ Display of the measurement table generated by the software module HES®

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