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Defibrillator MEDUCORE Standard

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MEDUCORE Standard Defibrillation, Monitoring and Ventilation in One Hand medical* technology

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MEDUCORE Standard Defibrillation, Monitoring and Ventilation in MEDUCORE Standard is your strong partner for resusci- Trained users can choose to trigger defibrillation manu- tation. The defibrillator supports EMTs with automatic ally and do without the automatic heart rhythm analysis. analysis of cardiac rhythm, understandable voice prompts The simple menu navigation and the professional alarm and a metronome for chest compressions so you can keep system ensure reliable monitoring and patient care. The long rechargeable battery life and the compact and rug- The perfect partner for everyday...

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One Hand Everything in one mobile system – a worldwide first! Besides close monitoring, your emergency patients may need oxygen therapy or emergency ventilation. Up until now, you had to have several devices on hand to serve all their needs. Now for the first time MEDUCORE Standard combines defibrillation, monitoring, oxygen therapy and ventilation in a single mobile system. For this purpose the defibrillator and Your benefits at a glance Single-handed transport: defibrillation, monitoring, ventilation and oxygen therapy Clearly organized: large color display with vital parameters Safe...

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MEDUCORE Standard – Ideal for Y Your Perfect Partner for Patient Transport, First Responder Teams and Disaster Medicine, Ambulance Services First responder Mobile system for pre-hospital care of emergency patients with: Oxygen inhalation Patient monitoring Patient transport All required functions in a portable system – hands are free for patient transport. First aid at public events All functions for Basic Life Support are perfectly coor- This device‘s space-saving dinated with each other and construction satisfy

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MEDUCORE Standard – Intuitive Op Pre-connected sensors with no chance of mixups Access to ports at front of device Removable battery for monitoring up to 6 hours Designed for the toughest conditions in emergency care – robust, compact housing with very low weight Color display keeps your eye on vital parameters of heart rate, pulse and oxygenation Professional alarm system with adjustable alarms, alarm mute and alarm acknowledgement Fast and safe operation, thanks to easy-to-understand function keys and simple menus

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eration for Greater Safety

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Individual LIFE-BASE Portable Systems fo MEDUCORE Standard Offers You Defibrillation and Monitoring. You can Expand Your Mobile LIFE-BASE System with Oxygen Ther We fulfill your exact requirements with MEDUCORE Between uses the portable system can be secured in the Standard as the modular element in the LIFE-BASE por- crash-proof holder in your emergency vehicle. table system. You can carry everything in just one hand. Compact portable system with accessories bag for taking along the accessories you need Emergency ventilator, optimized for resuscitation Oxygen cylinder Cylinder for up to...

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r All Your Requirements apy and Ventilation Your mobile system for times when you administer oxygen therapy and ventilate with a breathing bag: Portable system LIFE BASE 3 NG with oxygen cylinder Your mobile solution for times when you want oxygen supply and ventilation in a separate system. Individual devices with protective carrying case. Your mobile system when you have to mechanically ventilate a patient with an external oxygen source. Portable system LIFE BASE 1 NG XL with emergency ventilator MEDUMAT Standard2 / MEDUMAT Easy CPR / MEDUMAT Standarda ore about 2 ke to learn m Would you...

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Accessories and replacement parts for MEDUCORE Standard 1 Defibrillation electrodes for adults Analysis software DEFIview Defibrillation electrodes for children 2 Battery recharging station Rechargeable battery

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Technical data for MEDUCORE Standard Device dimensions (W x H x D): Weight, including rechargeable battery (in kg): Product class as per directive 93 / 42 / EEC: Operating conditions: Temperature range: Humidity: Air pressure: Storage conditions: Temperature range with battery, without pads: Temperature range with battery and pads: Humidity: Operating time: Power supply: Charging time from 0 to 95%: -30 °C (maximal 48 hrs) up to 70 °C 0 °C to 50 °C 0 % RH to 95 % RH without condensation 5.7“ TFT color display Resolution: 320 x 240 pixel Information displayed: - ECG curves: I, II, III, avR,...

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You can rely on WEINMANN Emergency. We set the standards for mobile solutions in patient ventilation. Our 140 years of experience and close association with professional users in emergency medical services, armies/public authorities and hospitals have led to the development of intelligent and perfectly coordinated technologies. In conjunction with the professionals in emergency, transport and disaster medicine, we pursue our shared goal of saving human lives. Reception Reception Customer Service After-Sales Service Center for Production, Logistics, Service WEINMANN Emergency Medical...

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