Emergency and Transport Ventilator MEDUMAT Standard² - 16 Pages

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Emergency and Transport Ventilator MEDUMAT Standard²

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MEDUMAT Standard2 Top-level safety in an emergency Every second counts in an emergency. There is no room for error, especially when the patient needs assistance with breathing. Fast and correct action can save lives. The demands made on emergency medical services are high in such situations and easy operation of the ventilator is indispensable.

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A step ahead: Emergency ventilation today MEDUMAT Standard2 offers a completely new view of modern Ventilation today can be intuitive and simple. In pre-hospital emergency and transport ventilation. The display provides a clear, treatment, during the transport of ventilated patients, in the well-structured overview of all major respiratory parameters emergency or trauma room, the ergonomic and simple operation and optional ventilation curves. The familiar operation, e.g., for of MEDUMAT Standard2 set a new standard for therapeutic patient selection, makes intuitive use possible and the...

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More than Pure Ventilation MEDUMAT Standard 2 in real-life use Classic emergency ventilators guarantee continuous ventilation. MEDUMAT Standard2 can do much more. Special modes meet the newest requirements in emergency medicine. CPAP, for example, leads to a better patient outcome* for certain clinical conditions while RSI and CPR optimize treatment procedures. Ventilation with CPR and RSI modes offers many advantages over conventional „bag-valve-mask“ application. Capnography and the optional Flow measurement + ASB assist the user with the mechanical ventilation alternative. Transport...

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CPAP Mode Non-Invasive Ventilation The proven CPAP mode** allows the patient to breathe spontaneously at an elevated pressure level, e.g., during treatment of cardiac pulmonary edema. With MEDUMAT Standard2 the CPAP pressure can be finely adjusted at any time. The user also has the option of activating pressure support ASB with settable trigger. During Non-Invasive Ventilation too, the optional volume and CO2 monitoring supplement other available information. Any leakage at the mask is detected and compensated for by the device. All ventilation parameters can be adjusted over the monitor...

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Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation MEDUMAT Standard² reliably guides you through Cardio- Your benefits at a glance pulmonary Resuscitation. After the quick entry via the CPR button • Mask securely held in place with two hands and selection of the patient group, the metronome indicates • Constant, patient-specific tidal volume the guideline-compliant rate for chest compressions. An increasingly louder acoustic signal from the metronome warns • Use of 100 % oxygen, can be reduced upon ROSC of an upcoming ventilation pause. Ventilation can be triggered • Adjustable pressure limit for each patient...

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Press CPR button to activate CPR mode • CPR mode is activated at the press of a button • Ensures use within seconds • Clear setup for successful CPR Manual ventilation with MEDUtrigger and Double-C grip • Rhythm selection of 15:2 or 30:2 • Two hands free for ventilation and complete control of mask with Double-C grip • Simultaneous simple and ergonomic manual triggering with the thumbs Continuous ventilation • Reliable check of tube position via display • Automatic setting of tidal volume and ventilation rate by means of pre-set patient height Manual interaction with defibrillator In the...

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RSI Mode Reliable support with rapid sequence induction In RSI mode MEDUMAT Standard² reliably supports every treatment step. First the preoxygenation of the patient occurs via the DEMAND function. The operator can see the anesthesiainduced apnea on the monitor. MEDUtrigger allows temporary manual ventilation of the patient so that access to the airways can be checked. Then a switch can be made at any time to the pre-set parameters for controlled ventilation. The adjustable pressure limit assures the safety of the patient in every situation. CO2 monitoring lets the user check the position...

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Your benefits at a glance • Assistance with all ventilation measures • Preoxygenation with 100 % oxygen • Visualization of (uninterrupted) spontaneous breathing • Optional: Oversee spontaneous breathing with volume monitoring • Ventilation with MEDUtrigger for tube position check or in an emergency for mask ventilation • Adjustable pressure limit • Switch to volume-controlled or pressure-controlled ventilation • Optional: Monitoring of etCO2 parameters for reliable check of intubation

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(lb More Freedom with More Options more flexibility than ever. been significantly increased. ly configured to meet your InspTrig level 2 IPASB 5 mbaf PEEP 5 mbar Option Flow measurement + ASB • Monitoring of expiratory tidal and minute volume and respiratory rate • Pressure support in CPAP and SIMV modes to provide ideal assistance with Non-Invasive Ventilation • Individual settings of inspiration and expiration triggers Flow (l/min) plnsp 10 m>>ar F[*0' 12 min PEEP 0 mbar Option Curve display Option Flow measurement + ASB is • Display of pressure and flow curves help you monitor the...

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Service directly from the Manufacturer Remote diagnosis (Telesupport) Safety and reliability day after day With the fast and simple function check, you can assure yourself at any time that your device is trouble-free and ready for use. In less than 30 seconds MEDUMAT Standard² conducts the automatic function check and provides the user with a status report. When a device malfunction occurs, its cause may not be immediately apparent. For reporting purposes, MEDUMAT Standard² lets you store the service files from the device on an SD card and send the files to our service specialists via...

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Intuitive Operation for Greater Safety 1 1. Ideal monitor layout for best view of all measurements and settings 5. User-friendly operation quick operation of function keys for simple and fast use 2. Easy access to all connections on device front for MEDUtrigger and connection cable to FlowCheck sensor 6. Connection for ventilation hose connects the device to the patient hose system 3. Optional device input filter filters the drawn-in ambient air 7. Connection for measurement hose measures pressure and CO2 and manages PEEP 4. Storage & Updates You can store data and make software updates...

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