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Emergency and Transport Ventilator MEDUMAT Standarda

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The Ventilation Standard for Professionals

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MEDUMAT Standarda The Ventilation Standard for Professionals MEDUMAT Standarda offers you everything you need for reliable emergency ventilation. Users around the world are impressed by its especially simple operation and ruggedness. With controlled and assisted ventilation we provide you with the ventilation options you require in an emergency. Our diverse modules let you add many supplemental functions, such as CPAP therapy, to MEDUMAT ventilators. When there‘s not a second to lose, the well-designed operating panel with special symbols and colors helps you to quickly set the right...

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Ventilate Reliably and Properly An advantage MEDUMAT Standarda has over manual ventilation • Automatic self-test when ventilator is switched on is the option of setting constant values for tidal volume, ventilation frequency and minute volume. These settings help to prevent ventilator-induced injuries. Furthermore, with a ventilator • Color coding and arrow system simplifies fast and safe parameter settings for each patient group you can reliably prevent hyperventilation and damaging pressure • Settings for respiratory minute volume, respiratory rate and peaks. That reduces the...

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(lb Further Functions for EMS Staff Assisted ventilation with MEDUMAT Standard3 mbar a —i Expiration^---^ ---["Expiration"!---^ ---1 Expiration"!---^ Behavior upon achieving maximum ventilation pressure (e.g., as result of CPR) Pressure Flow Additional ventilation volume by means of double stroke-process

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LIFE-BASE portable system Mobility for MEDUMAT Standard a You can put together ventilation and oxygen therapy systems to fit your needs on the LIFE-BASE portable system. The extremely tough LIFE-BASE system can be carried in just one hand. For transport in a vehicle, the different LIFE-BASE models are ideally protected in the crash-proof BASE-STATION mounting. You can also conveniently carry MEDUMAT Standarda in our emergency backpack RESCUE-PACK. With RESCUE-PACK on your back, you have an unobstructed view ahead and plenty of room to maneuver. On the way to the scene of an emergency, your...

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Accessories and replacement parts 1 Accessories for MEDUMAT Standard a Replacement parts for MEDUMAT Standard a 1. Patiente hose system with patient valve • Reusable Ventilation hose 2. Patient hose system with patient valve, disposable, 2 m • Set of 10 disposable ventilation hoses (10 x WM 28110) • Set of 25 disposable ventilation hoses (25 x WM 28110) • Set of 50 disposable ventilation hoses (50 x WM 28110) • Patient hose system with patient valve, disposable, 3 m Patient valve, consisting of: Patient hose connection (WM 3213), Upper control element (WM 3181), Bottom control element with...

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Technical data MEDUMAT Standarda Device dimensions (W x H x D in mm) Product class as per directive 93 / 42 / ECC Operating conditions • Temperature range • Humidity • Air pressure Time-controlled, volume-constant Storage temperature Medical-grade oxygen Operating pressure Respiratory rate Ventilation modes Controlled ventilation (IPPV), Assisted ventilation (SIMV) Inspiration : Expiration Inspiration: Expiration (assisted) Respiratory Minute Volume (MV) 3–20 l/min (infinitely adjustable) Tidal volume Max. ventilation pressure (Pmax) 20–60 mbar * (infinitely adjustable) Power supply...

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WEINMANN Emergency is a family-owned, internationally active medical technology company. With our mobile system solutions for emergency, transport and disaster medicine, we set standards for saving human lives. In close collaboration with professional users in emergency medical services, hospitals and armies, we develop innovative medical products for ventilation and defibrillation. For more than 100 years we have offered our customers a high degree of reliability, extensive experience and quality made in Germany. Germany WEINMANN Emergency Medical Technology GmbH + Co. KG Frohbösestraße 12...

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