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Defibrillation, Monitoring and Ventilation in One Hand

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MEDUCORE Standard² Defibrillation, Monitoring and Ventilation in One Hand The patient is lying on the floor, is unresponsive and appears lifeless. You know very little about their current state. You check the vital functions. You cannot feel a pulse and there are no signs of breathing. The patient has to be resuscitated! You have to act quickly and correctly. It is crucial that you start performing life-saving measures immediately! User-friendly technology of the highest medical standard is all-important here and MEDUCORE Standard² won't let you down. The practical defibrillation and...

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Safe guidance through resuscitation stages In AED mode, MEDUCORE Standard² guides you safely through resuscitation with voice prompts and a metronome. The optional mode for manual defibrillation offers trained rescue workers additional flexibility since shock energy and shock delivery can be controlled manually. Thanks to the integrated 6-lead ECG, all the ECG leads relevant for patient monitoring are available. You always have the peripheral pulse rate and oxygen saturation under control with the integrated SpO2 measurement. As MEDUCORE Standard² features an automatic NIBP measurement, the...

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The right setting is just a single click away MEDUCORE Standard² makes it easy to start patient care! The start menu features a quick selection feature for predefined patient groups; you choose between toddler, child and adult and MEDUCORE Standard² starts the application with the appropriate device settings. All the other setting options can be simply controlled using the intuitive and easy-to-understand operation features. The navigation knob allows you to move through the menus quickly and safely. Preset for each patient group: Always prepared for any emergency • Alarm settings MEDUCORE...

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The most important parameters in focus MEDUCORE Standard² gives you the choice. Do you wish to use the conventional curve view to monitor the vital parameters? Or would you prefer to perform monitoring with large symbols and clear, numerical values? MEDUCORE Standard² offers both giving you maximum flexibility. You can switch between the curve and parameter view at the click of a button, even when in use. Curve view Parameter view In the curve view, you can view and assess the ECG curves The parameter view displays the measurements for heart rate, and plethysmogram. 6 Einthoven and...

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The ideal mode at the touch of a button Support during resuscitation in AED mode • Automatic cardiac rhythm analysis and preparation for defibrillation • Voice and text instructions • Metronome • Display of ECG lead and plethysmogram. • Extensive range of operator settings for regional requirements • AED mode for children and adults Manual defibrillation for experienced users (optional) • Adjustable shock energy • Biphasic defibrillation impulse • Impedance compensation • Alarm sounds for asystole and VF/VT • Time elapsed since most recent defibrillation is displayed • Number of...

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First-class components for professional system solutions 1 Sensor connecting sockets which cannot be mixed up and can be preconnected, accessible from the front For up to 5.5 hours of monitoring or approx. 350 shock deliveries of 200 J 2. Robust, compact housing 5. High-resolution color display Designed to stand up to the toughest conditions in emergency use, with minimal weight With an innovative color concept for visualizing the most important vital parameters in the curve and parameter views, also includes a night view 3. Professional alarm system With large and bright LED light,...

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8. NIBP cuff connector tube, 2 m or 3 m in length 9. NIBP cuff, reusable, available in a variety of sizes 3. Pulse oximetry connection cable 10. NIBP cuff for newborns, disposable, available in a variety of sizes 1. Defibrillation electrodes for children and adults 4. SoftTip® pulse oximetry sensor, reusable, size S, M or L 5. Wrap pulse oximetry sensor for children and adults, reusable 6. Ear clip pulse oximetry sensor, reusable 7. Pulse oximetry sensor, disposable, for children and adults 11. NIBP cuff, for short-term use, available in a variety of sizes 12. Adapter for connection to...

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<& Service Directly from the Manufacturer Safety and reliability day after day Remote diagnosis (Telesupport) Is your device ready for use? The function check, which is quick and easy to perform, gives you certainty at any time. MEDUCORE Standard2 assists you here by guiding you through the individual test steps. When a device malfunction occurs, its cause may not be immediately apparent. For reporting purposes, MEDUCORE Standard2 lets you store the service files from the device on an SD card and send the files to our service specialists via email. Ideally, the service files will be enough...

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Examples of Configuration Options Choose your device, e.g.: Can be combined with the following ventilators MEDUCORE Standard2 2 Choose your software options, e.g.: Manual defibrillation 3 Select your preferred accessories, e.g.: ECG cable (ERC or AHA) Defibrillation electrodes for adults or children Pulse oximetry sensor in a variety of sizes – reusable or disposable NIBP cuff in a variety of sizes – reusable/disposable or for short term use 4 Select your portable system with or without oxygen cylinder, e.g.: LIFE-BASE portable system OXYWAY pressure reducer Steel or aluminum cylinder 5...

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<& Technical data MEDUCORE Standard2 Technical details and changes reserved. 0 Made in Germany Certified Quality Management System meeting EC directive 93/42/EEC, Annex II (EN BO 90012008/EN B013485)

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Headquarter WEINMANN Emergency Medical Technology GmbH + Co. KG FrohbosestraBe 12 22525 Hamburg Germany T: +49 40 88 18 96-0 F: +49 40 88 18 96-480 T: +49 40 88 18 96-120 Customer Service T: +49 40 88 18 96-1 22 After-Sales Service E: Center for Production, Logistics, Service WEINMANN Emergency Medical Technology GmbH + Co. KG Siebenstucken 14 24558 Henstedt-Ulzburg Germany Simply Professional WEINMANN Emergency is a family-owned, internationally active medical technology company. With our mobile system solutions for emergency, transport and disaster medicine, we set...

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