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MEDUMAT Easy CPR The Guiding Emergency Ventilator

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Safety is On Duty Intuitive operation, small and lightweight Although patient resuscitation is not part of your daily work, you are regularly confronted with this challenging situation. Then it is extremely important to have a reliable partner on your team that can assist you with ventilation and Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR). MEDUMAT Easy CPR was specially developed for emergency ventilation during and after resuscitation. You can, for example, trigger a ventilator breath right from the mask. The ventilator ensures the highest degree of safety by giving you clear audio responses that...

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Increased safety and better outcomes You can quickly make the main settings (frequency, tidal volume, pressure limits) which comply with the ERC Guidelines. With the help of the integrated metronome and the audio responses, you will find it easy to provide the recommended rate of 110 chest compressions per minute and two rescue breaths within 5 seconds. With the administration of a constant volume and a regular ventilation frequency, you can also avoid hyperventilation of the patient. The adjustable pressure limit helps you to prevent gas insufflation of the patient‘s stomach and barotrauma...

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Cleverly Designed ERC Guidelines 2015 compliance • Tidal volumes: • 6 – 7 ml/kg body weight • Acoustic metronome signal f > 100/min ensures the correct frequency for chest compressions. • Ventilation phase in CPR mode: max. 5 seconds • Both hands are free for mask ventilation User-friendly operation • Small and space-saving • Lightweight and handy • Easy to transport • Simple integration in CPR procedures Flexibility • In CPR mode you decide when the patient • Intuitive operation minimizes need for training • Portable system LIFE-BASE increases device mobility • Expandable functionality...

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How MEDUMAT Easy CPR helps you with CPR Use Case: Just before the end of the working day Hans S. does not feel well, but decides to move one more pallet into the warehouse. Suddenly, his heart stops beating and his breathing ceases. He blacks out. The First Responders reach Hans S. MEDUMAT Easy CPR helps to get ventilation and resuscitation started at once. The device tells the rescuers what to do. Audio response from MEDUMAT Easy CPR: “Adjust settings and connect patient.“ “Perform chest compressions now.” The metronome helps by giving a frequency of > 100/min. “Provide two ventilations...

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LIFE-BASE Portable Systems Mobility Concept for MEDUMAT Easy CPR Available on LIFE-BASE portable systems, MEDUMAT Easy CPR offers you many benefits in ventilation and oxygen therapy. 1. LIFE-BASE 3 NG with MEDUCORE Standard and 4. Practical and safe storage of accessories 2. Combination options with defibrillator/ 5. MEDUtrigger allows manual triggering of monitoring system MEDUCORE Standard LIFE-BASE light With MEDUMAT Easy CPR and MODUL CPAP (WM 28235) ventilator breaths LIFE-BASE III with MEDUMAT Easy CPR (WM 9155) LIFE-BASE III MCI with MEDUMAT Easy CPR, MODUL Oxygen and 3-way...

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1. EasyLung for WEINMANN Emergency    WM 28625 2. PEEP valve with connector, infinitely    WM 3215 adjustable from 2.5 to 10 mbar (22 mm outer diameter) 3. Ventilation hose and patient valve • Respiration tube, twin lumen 4. Disposable hose system with patient valve, • Set of 10 disposable hose systems • Set of 25 disposable hose systems • Set of 50 disposable hose systems • Patient valve, consisting of: WM 22520 WM 22647 WM 28110 WM 15454 WM 15455 WM 15456 WM 3280 connection nozzle to patient hose (WM 3213), Upper control element (WM 3181), Bottom control element for spontaneous breathing...

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Germany WEINMANN Emergency Medical Technology GmbH + Co. KG FrohbosestraBe 12 22525 Hamburg Germany T: +49 40 88 18 96-0    Head Office F: +49 40 88 18 96-480 Head Office T: +49 40 88 18 96-120 Customer Service T: +49 40 88 18 96-122 Technical Service E: Center for Production, Logistics and Service WEINMANN Emergency Medical Technology GmbH + Co. KG Siebenstucken 14 24558 Henstedt-Ulzburg Germany Simply Professional WEINMANN Emergency is a family-owned, internationally active medical technology company. With our mobile system solutions for emergency, transport and...

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