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MEDUMAT Transport

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MEDUMAT Transport High-End Ventilation for Every Use

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Always on the Safe Side From pre-hospital care to intensive care transport You‘ve just put on your uniform when the first alarm sounds, quickly followed by the call to a heart attack victim and transport of an intensive care patient. Everyday work in emergency medical services and hospitals poses one challenge after the other. The constant switching from one emergency to the next demands a ventilator you can rely on at all times. The technology has to adjust to your daily work, not the other way around. And it has to provide active assistance in every situation. MEDUMAT Transport can do it...

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Fast, simple, flexible The WEINMANN Emergency ventilator covers a broad range of You are free to concentrate on the patient whether you uses from pre-hospital treatment to intensive care transport and, are in the air, on the ground or in the hospital. Given its thanks to its hygiene input filter, contamination transport too. It robust construction, MEDUMAT Transport complies with all also features simple and intuitive operation. In an emergency, major standards, such as RTCA/DO 160 and EN 1789. The MEDUMAT Transport starts up quickly and lets you begin ventilator also takes into account the...

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Many Ways to Achieve your Goal MEDUMAT Transport is the device of choice wherever you need a ventilator with a broad range of functions. It meets the demands of pre-hospital treatment and secondary transport of emergency and intensive care patients, leaving you to concentrate on the work at hand. Ready to use within seconds Switch on the device and press a key for pre-configured modes for infants, children or adults. It‘s that easy to start up ventilation in an emergency. You can instead initiate treatment by entering the patient‘s height. The ventilator automatically determines the exact...

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MEDUMAT Transport ventilation modes For purposes of patient monitoring, MEDUMAT Transport presents up to three curves (airway pressure, flow and etC02) simulataneously along with other important measurements on the easy-to-read color display. The measurement of inspiratory oxygen concentration is made with a non-consuming sensor. A C02 measurement by means of sidestream capnography is optionally available. You'll be able to monitor all parameters with a glance and respond quickly Volume-controlled ventilation Pressure Controlled Ventilation Pressure Controlled Ventilation...

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Safe for Children and Adults MEDUMAT Transport is suitable for all patients – from infants and children to adults. And not just because the ventilator has pre-configured modes customized for the requirements of each patient group. With MEDUMAT Transport you can easily apply tidal volumes of less than 50 ml in pressure-controlled ventilation modes. To meet the requirements for diffent uses, we offer you the normal disposable and reusable patient hose systems in two and three-meter lengths and a reduced dead space volume variant too. In contrast to ventilation of adults, dead space is crucial...

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Reliable Protection from Contamination Hygiene Input Filter Multi-resistant bacteria pose a growing challenge to emergency It‘s very easy to refit your device with the hygiene input filter medical services. As more and more epidemics occur around the world, greater demands for better hygiene increase too. Very often, however, an infection is detected only after a patient has been transported. We have risen to this task and have made MEDUMAT Transport even safer. An optionally available hygiene filter at the input protects the device‘s interior not only from dust particles but also from...

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You Lead, MEDUMAT Transport Follows With MEDUMAT Transport you are the captain. You activate the functions that you really need and make all the necessary presettings. All other functions remain invisible during daily work so that you can operate MEDUMAT Transport intuitively and safely. Specifically, that means: • You deactivate the ventilation modes you do not need • You configure ventilation parameters for all ventilation modes and emergency modes for separate patient groups • You set the alarm thresholds for all ventilation modes Your benefits at a glance • Customization by means of...

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Always on the Right Track with Bluetooth Documentation is just as important as emergency treatment and send a request for transmission. For emergency medical services, safe transport. Immediately after patient transport, treatment hospitals or armies, these data are then immediately available for data have to be made available. With Bluetooth, you can further treatment or the next emergency response. transmit ventilation parameters, changes in settings and trend An open software development kit interface available for data quickly and wirelessly to an external documentation communication...

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Service directly from the Manufacturer Repair and maintenance service – Safety and reliability day after day Service data: MEDUMAT Transport Manufacturer‘s warranty With the fast and simple function check, you can assure yourself Maintenance interval at any time that your device is trouble-free and ready for use. In Includes maintenance after eight years just 30 seconds MEDUMAT Transport conducts the automatic Time for function check function check and delivers a status report to the user. When O2 consumption during function check a device malfunction occurs, its cause may not be...

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(lb MEDUMAT Transport is Economica MEDUMAT Transport also turns out to be very economical. Not just because it comes with a manufacturer's warranty of two years. Non-invasive ventilation and pressure-controlled ventilation modes are supplied from the start. You do not need Because the device itself uses so little oxygen, you'll save there too. During ventilation treatment, MEDUMAT Transport uses an average of only 0.3 liters per minute and only three liters for the function check. Sample calculation: Other manufacturers tell you to replace the 02 sensor every year. Our experience shows that...

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