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O2 Box Rescue (WM 9500

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Portable, multi-use oxygen system In the event of a disaster with mass casualties, rescue workers need medical equipment that is immediately available, tough and easy to use. The portable, flexible oxygen system fulfills all these requirements and also supplies oxygen to four patients at one time. O2 Box Rescue with pressure hose and oxygen mask Oxygen administrator with four lockable dosage settings on inhalation outlets and multiple ports O2 Box Rescue The oxygen administrator, which is conveniently mounted on the cover, has four inhalation outlets with lockable dosages and a variety of additional ports which can be used to connect to a central gas facility, a ventilator or a demand valve with a bag-valve-mask resuscitator. Equipped with 2000 liters of oxygen, a single box provides maximum flexibility of use. The Walther connector on the pressure hose and pressure reducer makes it quick and easy to change cylinders as needed. Cylinders which are not required to supply the oxygen administrator can be used to supply other equipment via the G3/8” outlet or the Walther-type connector. Upon request we can supply adaptors for specific countries or customized equipment. The O2 Box Rescue can be transported easily and stacked to save space. Weight including oxygen cylinder: about 28 kg. Tough, transportable system Tough Zarges-type box Handles on the sides Stackable to save space Increased oxygen supply 2 x 5 l oxygen Total supply of 2000 liters oxygen Simple change of cylinder External supply of oxygen available via additional pressure hose (5 m, with Walther-type connector and plug as per DIN 13260) Flexible use Oxygen administrator in cover allows easy access. Four lockable dosage settings on inhalation outlets (0 – 15 l/min) Oxygen administrator also with Walter connector and adapter for plug as per DIN 13260 Simple change of cylinders with Walther connector on pressure hose (1 m) and pressure reducer Pressure reducer with G 3/8“ male threads and Walther-type connector Possible to connect demand valve with resuscitator or ventilator Country-specific adapters available upon requ

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Accessories in Walther connector, plug connector as per DIN 13260 and pressure hose, plus pressure hose on the G 3/8" coupler 12 O2 Box Rescue and oxygen masks |3| n photo 1, but with mortised Walther adapter and pressure hose (plus pressure hose on G 3/8" coupler) You'll find our complete offering of system solutions for Emergency, Transport and Disaster Medicine at: weinmann-emergency.de Certified Quality Management System meeting EC directive 93/42/EEC, Annex II (ENKO 9001200B/EN 60134B5) 83286-EN-04/2014 © Copyright WEINMANN Emergency, Hamburg. Duplication of any kind only with the...

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