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OXWAY pressure reducers and flow regulators

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OXYWAY pressure reducer The right pressure in emergency situations

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OXYWAY pressure reducer Our rugged, durable and lightweight pressure reducers are second to none Everyday critical situations in emergency medical care often require you to act quickly – and our pressure reducer is designed to enable you to do just that! OXYWAY enables optimum oxygen dosage. Whether you are looking to deploy medical devices or administer directly to patients, we offer three types of pressure reducer or flow regulator for central gas supply systems, so that you can choose the one most suited to your requirements. OXYWAY Fast OXYWAY Fine Very easy handling thanks Fast...

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our benefits Y at a glance OXWAY meets the particularly demanding requirements of the emergency medical services • Long service life thanks to rugged metal housing • No compromises: lightweight in spite of robust brass design • High resistance to disinfectants thanks to the use of aluminum and brass • Highly precise and stable flow • Easy-to-read values thanks to digits lasered onto the adjustable multistep flow selector • Versatile application – either for direct oxygen inhalation or for the supply of ventilators With OXYWAY you're on the safe side – both as patient and user • Intuitive...

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OXYWAY Fast Gauge can be configured Clearly visible gauge as upright or flat version Available with a range of country-specific connections Additional impact guard protects the gauge Variable connecting bolt length New! Gauge can be rotated through 360° Rugged, ultrasound-tested Clear indicator high-pressure housing multistep flow selector positioned to the left or right Lasered digits, resistant (depending on version) Four positioning options for inhalation outlet (see page 8) Inhalation outlet for mask or nasal cannula The right flow for inhalation in the blink of an eye • The inhalation...

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OXYWAY Fix Additional impact guard protects the gauge Connecting bolt can be positioned to the left or right Gauge can be configured as upright or flat version Available with a range of country-specific connections Rugged, ultrasound-tested high-pressure housing Variable connecting bolt length (2-14 cm) Clearly visible gauge The professional's choice for reliable device supply With a free flow of 190  l/min at the pressure outlet, the OXYWAY Fix III is ideal for the reliable and flexible operation of your ventilator. That's because the choice of a suitable OXYWAY Fix pressure reducer can be...

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OXYWAY Fine Additional impact guard protects the gauge Rugged, ultrasound-tested high-pressure housing Clearly visible gauge Available with a range of country-specific connections Variable connecting Additional flow indicator for precise flow administration Finely adjusted oxygen supply for inhalation OXYWAY Fine – the Specialist. This pressure reducer is ideal for applications that require a very flexible and demand-oriented flow selection for oxygen inhalation. • OXYWAY Fine is fitted solely with an inhalation outlet, which can be infinitely adjusted via an adjusting knob • This can be...

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OXYWAY Click Available with a range of country-specific connections Clear indicator Precise locking of Compact and lightweight multistep flow selector Lasered digits, resistant Rugged metal housing Inhalation outlet for mask or nasal cannula Use the flow of central gas supply systems You managed to stabilize the patient at the scene of the emergency and are now on your way to hospital? Then use your ambulance's central gas supply system for continued oxygen supply! • OXYWAY Click can be connected directly to an oxygen socket or coupling, both in the ambulance and in the clinic • The flow...

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reate your own C OXYWAY pressure reducer In order to ensure you are optimally equipped for operations, you can configure your OXYWAY pressure reducer with us yourself. Our customized pressure reducers guarantee you the optimum oxygen dosage every time. Whether for the use of medical devices or direct administration to the patient, our pressure reducers are extremely versatile. We will be happy to advise you further on your individual configuration options. Start your customized configuration by selecting your basic OXYWAY type (Fast, Fix or Fine) and then just add all additional components...

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he right connection T for every cylinder G 3/4"

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Hose connection nozzles UNF 9/16" Bubble humidifier 1. Straight connection nozzle (NATO Stock Number 6680-12-383-0610) Ø 6 mm, with union nut with UNF 9/16" inner thread (chrome-plated) and seal 2. Straight connection nozzle Ø 6 mm, with union nut with UNF 9/16" inner thread (chrome-plated) lock to prevent inadvertent removal and seal 5. Bubble humidifier with UNF 9/16" inner thread 6. Bubble humidifier with union nut with UNF 9/16" inner thread (chrome-plated), autoclavable Replacement parts 7. Disposable filter 8. Set of O-rings 3. Angled connection nozzle 90° (NATO Stock Number...

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rTip^ Save money and effort. OXYWAY pressure reducers have an extended maintenance interval of six years combined with our renowned quality! Simply Professional WEINMANN Emergency is a family-owned, internationally active medical technology company With our mobile system solutions for emergency, transport, and disaster medicine, we set standards for saving human lives. In close collaboration with professional users in emergency medical services, hospitals, and military medical corps, we develop innovative medical products for ventilation and defibrillation. For more than 100 years we have...

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