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Ideal oxygen dosage medical* technology

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OXYWAY pressure reducers OXYWAY Ideal oxygen dosage You are perfectly equipped with our OXYWAY pressure Contents gauge reducers when you want to reduce the high pressure in to display residual pressure in cylinder your gas cylinders. Our pressure reducers provide the ideal oxygen dosage for the operation of medical devices or for direct delivery to the patient. We offer you three different types of pressure reducers tailored to your needs: OXYWAY Fast for quick action, thanks to incrementally dosed oxygen flow. OXYWAY Fix for simplest operation with permanent settings of oxygen flow. OXYWAY...

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OXYWAY Pressure Reducers - 3

OXYWAY pressure reducers Connection bolt OXYWAY pressure reducers can also be used successfully with swivel nut to connect to oxygen cylinder in emergency medical cases and backpacks such as ULM Dosage dial to set inhalation flow on flow outlet in liters/min (OXYWAY Fast) Cases and RESCUE PACKs and in the O2 Box Rescue for disaster medicine action. Everything always in sight The contents gauge, which is standard equipment for all OXYWAY pressure reducers, helps you keep an eye on cylinder pressure at all times. The gauge is available as a classic standing model or a flat version on OXYWAY...

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OXYWAY Pressure Reducers - 4

OXYWAY pressure reducers OXYWAY Fast Quickly set the right flow for the patient. Reliable device operation at 190 liters/min. OXYWAY Fast lets you provide oxygen inhalation via mask or nasal cannula from the flow outlet. You can quickly and accurately set the dosage dial to deliver the flow in liters/ minute. The settings can be read from the front or side of the dosage dial. The nine different setting ranges are Your advantages: simple, fast and accurate flow setting flow setting can be read from any angle coordinated with the device‘s medical purposes. OXYWAY Fast I, Fast II and Fast II...

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OXYWAY Pressure Reducers - 5

OXYWAY pressure reducers OXYWAY Fast I Flow dosage clicks into place from 1 to 15 l/min OXYWAY Fast I WM 30801 OXYWAY Fast I with flat contents gauge WM 31811 OXYWAY Fast II Flow dosage clicks into place from 1 to 15 liters/min, Device operation with 190 l/min OXYWAY Fast II High Flow WM 31891 OXYWAY Fast II with flat contents gauge WM 30821 OXYWAY Fast III Dosage dial clicks into place for flow of 0.5 to 6 l/min

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OXYWAY Pressure Reducers - 6

OXYWAY pressure reducers Free flow from 190 l/min at pressure outlet for reliable device operation OXYWAY Fix is a pressure reducer with either a pressure outlet or a flow outlet, depending on the model. OXYWAY Fix I, for example, has a flow outlet on the side or bottom that is set to 4 liters/minute while OXYWAY OXYWAY Fix I 4 l/min constant setting for inhalation flow Fix III is equipped with a pressure outlet set to about 190 Your advantages: Ideal high-flow supply to ventilator Inhalation flow does not have to be set for standard use OXYWAY Fix III 190 liters/min permanent setting for...

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OXYWAY Pressure Reducers - 7

OXYWAY pressure reducers Beatmung OXYWAY Fine Fine needs-oriented settings for oxygen inhalation OXYWAY Fine has only a flow outlet, which you can set with the infinitely adjustable regulator. It gives you a very flexible and needs-oriented fine setting of the inhalation OXYWAY Fine I Infinitely set flow up to 15 liters/min. flow. With the help of the flow gauge on OXYWAY Fine, you can keep an eye on the flow. Your advantages: Custom setting of flow Easy-to-read flow on the flow gauge OXYWAY Click Flow regulator for connection to central gas system in the hospital or ambulance OXYWAY Click...

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OXYWAY Pressure Reducers - 8

OXYWAY pressure reducers OXYWAY The right connection for every cylinder OXYWAY pressure reducers are used by emergency medi- different countries. In addition, you can order OXYWAY cal services around the world. Because international stan- pressure reducers with different connection bolt lengths dards differ, we offer you the conventional international so that your pressure reducer will be ideal for your oxygen norm connections such as PIN Index, Bullnose or DIN for Pressure reducers and compatible O2 cylinders Pressure reducer mounted on cylinder

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OXYWAY pressure reducers Pressure reducers and compatible O2 cylinders Pressure reducer mounted on cylinder

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OXYWAY pressure reducers Technical data OXYWAY pressure reducers Fix III with coupling Name: OXYWAY Order Numbers Standards Used Weight in grams* Temperature: – Operation – Storage Country-specific threads High Pressure Manual Connection Back pressure p1 at 15 °C Nominal outlet pressure p2 flow outlet in bar Outlet threads: UNF 9/16” (inch) Pressure outlet Nominal flow in liters/min. with back pressure of 200 bar Flow outlet in liters/min. with back pressure of 20 bar Nominal outlet pressure p2 flow outlet in bar Outlet threads: G 3/8” (inch) or pressure outlet coupling Flow Flow outlet in...

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OXYWAY Pressure Reducers - 11

OXYWAY pressure reducers OXYWAY Flowregulator Fast II with coupling Fast II High Flow länderspezifisches Gewinde How to choose the zero flow position on flat contents gauges When you order one of our pressure reducers with a flat contents gauge, you will receive our product with a defined and unalterable zero position on the gauge. If you want a different position, please indicate your wish on your order. Imagine that the pressure reducer is turned so that the long cylindrical part with or without dosage dial points downwards, as shown in the illustration below. You can choose from among...

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OXYWAY Pressure Reducers - 12

You can rely on Weinmann emergency. We set the standards for mobile solutions in patient ventilation. Our 130 years of experience and close association with professional users in emergency medical services, armies/public authorities and hospitals have led to the development of intelligent and perfectly coordinated technologies. In conjunction with the professionals in emergency, transport and disaster medicine, we pursue our shared goal of saving human lives. WEINMANN Emergency Medical Technology GmbH + Co. KG Frohboesestrasse 12 22525 Hamburg GERMANY info@weinmann-emt.de...

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