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Product Catalog WEINMANN Emergency

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Simply Professional System Solutions for Emergency Medicine, Transport and Disaster Medicine

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All Our Experience for Your Benefit – WEINMANN Emergency EMERGENCY MEDICAL SERVICES The people working in emergency medicine who save ventilators and defibrillator and monitoring systems, lives, transport intensive care patients and help in disaster WEINMANN Emergency has the right solution in certified areas know and trust WEINMANN Emergency. quality to satisfy every need. In close cooperation with For more than 100 years we have offered our customers professional users from emergency medical services, hos- the highest degree of reliability, extensive experience and pitals and armies, we...

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Close to professional users WEINMANN Emergency keeps the lines of communication open to its partners in emergency medical services, hospital emergency rooms and during joint workshops. Our cooperation yields products that are perfectly coordinated with each other and ideally suited to the task at hand. As a result, you can be sure that your patients always receive the very best care from the scene of an emergency all the way to the hospital. Success in more than Made in Germany Market leader: more than 60,000 MEDUMATs in use Family-owned company

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Guaranteed certified quality Quality isthe cornerstone of ourwork. At WEINM ANN Emergency all new products are subject to a stan- dardized and certified validation process before their launch. Our quality management guarantees their high quality and efficiency. So you can be sure that we always maintain a high level of quality. This applies to processes in research and development, purchasing, production and in quality management - and consequently to every one of our products. Management System

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MEDUMAT Transport - MODUL System - Supplemental Ventilation Components: Silicone Resuscitator - MEDUCORE Standard - Defibrillation and Portable System LIFE-BASE Overview of Devices and Their Integration in Portable System LIFE-BASE and in Oxygen Systems and Vehicular Equipment OXYWAY- Pressure Reducer and Flow Regulator..D3 Connections for Pressure Reducers and Overview of OXYWAY Pressure Reducers ACCUVAC Lite - Emergency Cases and Backpacks about many of our products medical* technology

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Customized and Systematic Our emergency medical devices are portable, easy to With each of our system solutions – like the portable sys- use and system-oriented, that is, perfectly coordinated tem LIFE-BASE with ventilation, defibrillation and moni- to work together. Thanks to their compatibility, you can toring components, emergency backpack RESCUE-PACK individually compose your own combinations of our emer- with all respiration equipment or the ULM CASE with gency products. Your equipment will include only the emergency equipment as specified in DIN 13232 – you components you need for...

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Portable System LIFE-BASE 4 NG

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Our Unique Portable System: LIFE-BASE – Everything in Your Hand Every emergency is unique. Whatever mix of functions you need, from standard and requirements. With LIFE-BASE you always have a profes- transport ventilation at intensive care level to defibrilla- sional, perfectly coordinated and developable portable tion and CPAP therapy modules, our LIFE-BASE lets you system at your side – in one hand. choose the best equipment combination to satisfy your

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Safe and secure – sized to fit your needs Extremely robust, LIFE-BASE can stand up to the tough- LIFE-BASE variants are protected in their perfectly sized est requirements of emergency medical care. For trans- crash-proof wall mounting BASE-STATION. Benefit from port in emergency vehicles or aircraft, there‘s no need to worry about the safety of your portable system. All the

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Service – Simply Professional Are you looking for an emergency device that‘s just right for you? Then come to us – the WEINMANN Emergency Customer Service team. Together we will find the right product for your special purposes. We‘ll be happy to inform you of the functions and give advice about combination options and usages for our devices. To give you the very best advice we draw on the experience of our employees and sales partners around the world and of course on the feedback from the people like you who use our products every day. We look forward to hearing from you. Regards from your...

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Do you have questions about service for a WEINMANN Emergency device you already use? The After-Sales Service Team at WEINMANN Emergency is ready to help you. We will remind you of mandatory maintenance and upcoming safety checks for your devices. If your device requires repair, please contact us. We can also help you to keep your device ready for use and to prolong its service life. Depend on us and our authorized service partners who are at your side around the globe. Give us a call – Your After-Sales Service Team! Info whenever you want it: simple, fast and guaranteed up to date Outside...

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Ventilation Transport Ventilation for Emergency Medical Services, Armies and Hospitals

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The medical equipment used by emergency medical consists of MEDUMAT emergency and transport ventilators, services and hospital staff is critcally important to the suc- the MODUL system for CPAP therapy and oxygen inhala- cessful outcome of emergency and transport ventilation. tion, as well as the COMBIBAG resuscitator. You can put With assistance from mechanical ventilation, emergency all these mobile components together to customize our personnel have their hands free for other important tasks. portable system LIFE-BASE to satisfy the requirements for The device‘s steady respiratory rate...

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MEDUMAT Transport High-End Ventilation for Every Use Perfect presentation, meaningful data Innovative Emergency Mode Diverse differentiated ventilation modes Simple functional check Night colors can be activated Intuitively understood start-up for immediate use You ´ll find More information more information can be found in in our brochure our brochure “MEDUMAT Transport” „MEDUMAT Transport“ at at MEDUMAT Transport – Ventilation from emergency site to hospital MEDUMAT Transport with CO2 measurement (NATO Stock Number 6515-12-382-2202) MEDUMAT...

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