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Anaesthesia Products Anaesthesia Products Anaesthesia Products

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Endotracheal Tube High volume, low pressure cuff Providing even pressure to maintain good sealing, reducing pressure on the tissues of the trachea Radiopaque Allowing clear identification of the tube on radiographic images Wire coil (Reinforced only) Increasing flexibility, providing effective resistance to kinking 15mm connector Reliable connection to all standard equipment Valve Ensuring continual cuff integrity Murphy Eye Reducing the risk of occlusion and maintaining airflow Magil Type

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Anaesthesia Products ■ High Volume, Low Pressure Cuff Size ID (mm)

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Low Profile Cuff Size ID (mm) PU Cuff Made from PU in Medical grade, comfortable and soft. It protects more efficiently against fluid leakage or microaspiration. It also reduces intubation-related pneumonia. Standard Endotracheal Tube with PU cuff Size ID (mm)

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Oral preformed to reduce tube kinking during oral intubation. Used for nasal surgery, ophthalmic surgery and facial surgery.

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Endotracheal tube Nasal Preformed Nasal preformed to reduce tube kinking during nasal intubation. Used for oral surgery, maxillofacial surgery. High Volume, Low Pressure Cuff Cat. No. Endotracheal tube Nasal Preformed with PU Cuff

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Designed for neurosurgical procedures, head and neck procedures, etc. With a spiral wire embedded in the endotracheal tube provides effective resistance to kinking. Uncuffed

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SuctionPlus Endotracheal tube is designed with the evacuation lumen in order to provide protection against risk of aspiration and decrease the rate of ventilation-associated pneumonia (VAP) in the hospital.

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Reinforced SuctionPlus ® Endotracheal Tube Anaesthesia Products High Volume, Low Pressure Cuff Size ID (mm)

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Endotracheal Tube with Pre-Loaded Stylet Preloaded with a malleable aluminum stylet for quick curving of the tube in the preparation of intubation Uncuffed Size ID (mm) High Volume, Low Pressure Cuff

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Anaesthesia Products Size ID (mm)

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■ High Volume, Low Pressure Cuff Size ID (mm) ♦ Microlaryngeal tube Microlaryngeal tube is designed for laryngeal and tracheal surgery where a smaller diameter tube will allow better visual and surgical access to the operative field It can also be used where larger endotracheal tubes will not fit into the trachea Each of these tube sizes is 360mm in length and has a cuff with a 28mm resting diameter ♦ SOFT LINE ( Nasal Preformed Endotracheal Tube ) ■ Made of velvet soft PVC material, reducing risk of trauma ■ Suitable and comfortable for patients undergoing facio-maxillary surgery ■ Easy to...

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Well Lead Anaesthesia Products - 13

Endobronchial Tube Double-Lumen Endobronchial Tube Made of pvc in medical grade Available with left-sided and right-sided types The cuffs, two lumens and pilot balloons are imprinted with tracheal (clear) or bronchial (blue) for easy identification Smooth inner lumens allow easy passage of bronchoscopes Pre-loaded with stylet to help tube maintain shape for easier intubation Packed with switch connector and two low friction suction catheters Anaesthesia Products Left Side Size (Fr) Right Side Size (Fr)

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Single-Lumen Endobronchial Tube Bronchial Outer Cuff Side Holes Designed according to aerodynamics, for balanced ventilation and simplified operation. Tracheal Cuff Endobronchial Inner Cuff To block the lumen of endobronchial section and simplified positioning Balanced Ventilation: LVT≈RVT Less Dislocation Less Non-ventilation Features Build-in bronchus blocker for better lung separation and lung collapse control Full sizes for a wide range of application, especially for pediatric Side holes to ensure the minimum ventilation and reduce the impact of airflow Smaller tube O.D to avoid the...

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Well Lead Anaesthesia Products - 15

Endobronchial Blocker Tube Endobronchial blocker tube is a device which can be inserted down a tracheal tube after tracheal intubation so as to block off the right or left main bronchus of the lungs in order to be able to achieve a controlled one lung ventilation. The lung tissue distal to the obstruction will collapse, thus allowing the surgeon’s view and access to relevant structures within the thoracic cavity. Our blocker tubes are used to achieve lung separation and one lung ventilation as an alternative to Double-lumen tubes(DLT) and serve as a choice for pediatric patients as well....

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Well Lead Anaesthesia Products - 16

+ Laryngeal Mask Airway Device • Disposable PVC Laryngeal Mask ■ Medical grade PVC with good biocompatibility ■ No epiglottis bars for easy insertion of fiber-optic scope, introducers and suction catheters • Disposable Silicone Laryngeal Mask ■ Medical grade silicone for super biocompatibility and patient comfort ■ No epiglottis bars for easy insertion of fiber-optic scope, introducers and suction catheters ■ Available with seven sizes for all patient use * Silicone Laryngeal Mask with Epiglottis bars is available to prevent the epiglottis from occluding the airway. * For more details,...

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Anaesthesia Products

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Slimway Intended use The Slimway Laryngeal Mask Airway (Slimway LMA) is an innovative supraglottic airway device with a non-inflatable, anatomically shaped cuff that creates an airway seal around the perilaryngeal structures and the upper esophagus. It can be used for general anesthesia, emergency and resuscitation . Features No cuff inflation/ deflation required Guide groove Easy to use, quick to insert and remove Minimal risk for tissue injury Facilitates insertion of FOB, suction catheter, etc Cavity in the cuff tip collecting tracheal secretions and reducing chances of aspiration...

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Well Lead Anaesthesia Products - 19

Tracheostomy Tube is a hollow tube, with or without a cuff, that is electively inserted directly into the trachea through a surgical incision or with a wire-guided progressive dilatation technique in case of an emergency. Lightweight tube made of Medical grade PVC for patient comfort. Full length Radio-opaque line for detection of correct placement. ISO standard connector for universal connection to ventilation equipment Printed neck plate with size information for easy identification. Straps provided in the pack for fixation of the tube. Smooth rounded tip of the Obturator reduces trauma...

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