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WELL LEAD MEDICAL CO., LTD. Add: 47 Guomao Avenue South,Panyu Guangzhou, China Marketing&Trading Office Add: RM 805, No 55, 21 Long, Pusan Road, Shanghai 200125, China Tel: +86-021-53897623 Fax: +86-021-53897615 Post Code: 200127 www.welllead.com.cn e-mail: info@welllead.com.cn

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Intended u s e The Slimway Laryngeal Mask Device is an innovative supraglottic airway device with a non-inflatable, anatomically shaped cuff that creates an airway seal around the perilaryngeal structures and the upper esophagus. It can be used for general anesthesia, emergency and resuscitation . Guide groove No cuff inflation/ deflation required Facilitates insertion of FOB, suction catheter, etc Easy to use, quick to insert and remove Minimal risk for tissue injury Cavity in the cuff tip collecting tracheal secretions and reducing chances of aspiration Slimway, small adult Slimway,...

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