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Distal Opening of Catheter As new device for Supraglottic Jet Oxygenation/Ventilation, Wei Nasal Jet Tube (Wei Nasal Jet®, WNJ®) can provide active and powerful pulsatile supraglotic jet oxygenation and/or ventilation during monitored anesthesia care or during the process of various complicated or difficult airway management with minimal chance of barotraumas due to its feature of supraglottic jet ventilation and maintenance of opening feature via mouth and nose. • Compared with TTJV, SJOV with WNJ is simple and easy to learn, convenient to practice, early to use in the difficult airway management with minimal chance of barotraumas • Idea way for augmented oxygen diffusion to maintain oxygenation, but also powerful to ventilate patients and maintain carbon dioxide elimination • Minimizing hypoxia and associated morbidity and mortality during upper Gl endoscopy or ERCP especially in obese patients and prone position patients • Maintaining oxygenation during direct laryngoscopy and fiberoptic intubation in apnea patients • Providing effective oxygenation/ventilation for patients with respiratory depression • Convenient and continuous monitoring of PetC02 to facilitate early diagnosis and treatment of respiratory suppression WELL LEAD MEDICAL CO., LTD. Add: 47 Guomao Avenue South,Panyu Guangzhou, China Marketing&Trading Office Add: RM 805, No 55, 21 Long, Pusan Road, Shanghai 200125, China Tel: +86-021-53897623 Fax: +86-021-53897615 Postcode: 200127 www.welllead.com.cn e-mail: info@welllead.com.cn

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• Driving Pressure: 15-30 Psi; Frequency: 15-20/min, l/E ratio: 30-40%; Fi02: 100% For assisting of oxygenation/ventilation during tracheal intubation in paralyzed patients without obesity • Driving pressure: 5-20 Psi; Frequency: 10-150/min; l/E ratio: 30-40%; Fi02: 100% For augmenting oxygenation/ventilation during upper gastrointestinal endoscopy in patients with spontaneous breathing during intravenous propofol infusion Supraglottic Jet Oxygenation and Ventilation Enhances Oxygenation During Upper Gastrointestinal Endoscopy In Patients Sedated With Propofol: A Randomized Multicentre...

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