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When Your Care Is Critical

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This “electronic” eCatalog is intended to be a living document that is frequently updated to reflect changes in Westmed’s product offerings. Users should be aware that the dynamic nature of the eCatalog may render earlier printouts inaccurate. Always go online to to access the latest version of the Westmed eCatalog. Westmed Acute Care eCatalog Copy © 2019, Westmed, Inc. All rights reserved. PN 70322, Rev 02; 03/12/2019

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Use viewer page controls to scroll, or click on a link below: □ Aerosol Delivery □ Airway Clearance & Pulmonary Hygiene □ Anesthesia □ Blood Gas Collection □ Capnography Gas Sampling and CO2 Detectors □ Neonatal/Pediatrics □ Oxygen Delivery ■ Comfort Soft Plus® Nasal Cannulas □ Filters and HMEs □ Transport Solutions □ Wound Ca re

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Product Offerings in this Section: □ VixOne™ Small Volume Medication Nebulizer □ Circulate® II Hiah-efficiency Aerosol Drug Delivery System □ HEART® Continuous Medication Nebulizers □ Nebulizer Accessories • PediNeb™ Pacifier Nebulizer • PEP Accessory Kit for Circulaire II • Aerosol Masks • “Super Spike”™ Children’s Cartoon Character Aerosol Mask □ Spacer (MicroSpacer®) VixOne™ PediNeb™ are Trademarks of Westmed, Inc. Circulaire® HEART®, and MicroSpacer® are Registered Trademarks of Westmed, Inc.

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Aerosol Delivery VixOne™ Small Volume Medication Nebulizer Features & Benefits: • MMAD = 2.7 |Jm • Leak-proof and secure seal with simple 1 /4 turn assembly design • Very low dead volume (0.7 mL) • High medication bowl capacity (10 mL) • Volume (mL) markings on bowl • Nebulizes in positions up to 45° • Anti-spill “Tee” design • Available in multiple setups for adults and pediatrics ✓ Not made with natural latex rubber. ✓ Not made with DEHP. #0210 VixOne Single-patient Use VixOne™ Smell Volume Medication Nebulizer, Single-patient Use (Hospital) PART NO

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Aerosol Delivery Circulaire® II High-Efficiency Aerosol Drug Delivery #0336 Circulaire II, w/Bacterial/Viral Filter shown Circulaire* II High-Efficiency Aerosol Drug Delivery System

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Aerosol Delivery HEART® Continuous Medication Nebulizers The HEART (High-output Extended Aerosol Respiratory Therapy) continuous medication nebulizer was the defining first-to-market device in the now well-established realm of continuous nebulization of beta-agonist medications for asthma and severe bronchospasm. HEART ACCESSORIES #100610 HEART Direct Connect

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HEART® Continuous Medication Nebulizers Aerosol Delivery^Multiple configurations available, contact your local Westmed Representative to learn more #100611 MiniHEART Lo-Flo Nebulizer #100612 MiniHEART Hi-Flo Nebulizer IV HEART™ & UniHEART™ Continuous Medication Nebulizers PART NO IV HEARTContinous Medication Nebuizer IV HEART, 7' Oxygen Tubing w/Threaded Nut, Adult Aerosol Mask & 8 22mm Corr Clea r Tu bing Cuffed Every 6 UniHEART Continous Medication Nebu izer UniHEART, Adult Aerosol Mask, 7 Supply Tubing UniHEART, Pediatric Mask, 7 Supply Tubing UniHEART, Super Spike Mask, 7 Supply Tubing...

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Aerosol Delivery HEART Continuous Medication Nebulizers Specifications HEART NEBULIZER SPECIFICATIONS Median Particle size = 2-3 pm Run Times ±15% Guidelines for Preparing Hourly Doses Use the guidelines below for one hour of nebulization. For multiple hours of operation, multiply by the number of hours desired. These guidelines are no substitute for the good clinical judgement of the user. Row Rate * Output lOUnm

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PediNeb™ Infant Pacifier Nebulizer Aerosol Delivery #0382 PediNeb ✓ Not made with natural latex rubber. ✓ Not made with DEHP. The PediNeb™ was designed to enhance the delivery of aerosolized medication to infants, as an alternative to “blow-by,” while reducing the apprehension common in small uncooperative children. Pacifier. Calms the infant/toddler during aerosol treatment. Medication is inhaled through the nose, not the mouth. Nasal Medication Port. Directs aerosol medication to the nose and eliminates medication waste and ineffectiveness associated with the “blow-by” technique. VixOne...

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Pediatric Aerosol Mask “Super Spike”™ Children’s Cartoon Character Aerosol Mask Aside from being a cute cartoon character to induce small kids to relax and wear the mask, ’’Super Spike” features an expiratory port located under the mouth (red arrows above) to help direct exhaled and escaped aerosol away from the eyes during treatments with aerosolized anticholinergics (eg, ipratropium) or corticosteroids (eg, budesonide). Also available with the VixOne™ and UniHEART™ nebulizer kits.

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Aerosol Masks Aerosol Masks Aerosol Masks Elongated Aerosol Masks PART NO DESCRIPTION CASE QTY 100-E Adult Elongated Aerosol Mask; Single vent (Under the Chin) 50 220-E Pediatric Elongated Aerosol Mask; single vents (Under Chin) 50 260-E Infant Aerosol Mask w/Single Vents (Under the Lip) 50

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Specialty Aerosol Masks “Portless” or “Non-Vented” Circulaire Mask Unlike standard aerosol masks, that have large holes in the “cheeks,” the holes in the Circulaire aerosol delivery mask are closed. This “portless” or “non-vented” design maintains the quasi-closed system of the Circulaire and allows it to function optimally. #0290 Circulaire Comfort Soft Plus® Adult Mask, Non-Vented Note: Mask ONLY for use with /!\ Circulaire II due to portless design. Non-vented (Portless) Masks for Circulaire8 II #0356 Adult Face Tent with expandable tubing #0360 Adult Trach Mask

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Variable Expiratory Resistor & Manometer Positive Expiratory Pressure (PEP) Westmed offers an inexpensive, easy-to-implement, and time-saving solution for providing PEP during aerosol therapy with the Circulaire II aerosol delivery system, or airway clearance with the Vibralung Acoustical Percussor. Westmed’s Variable Expiratory Resistor provides PEP which promotes lung expansion and airway clearance. The PEP Accessory Kit with Manometer provides visual feedback during a PEP maneuver. Variable Expiratory Itesfetor for #0262 PEP Accessory Kit PEP shown on Expirat°ry P°it of with Manometer...

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