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Adult and Pediatric Cd-Axial Circle Anesthesia Breathing Circuits WoctlMoAWhen Your Care is Critical

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Mni-lim" & PeHi-lim" i ii i— 11 i i x i Vw^i i i— 11 i i Adult and Pediatric Co-Axial Circle Anesthesia Breathing Circuits The Westmed Uni-Lim™ is the optimal choice for your Co-Axial Circle System needs. Westmed offers the right product at an affordable price. • Designed to function as a standard circle anesthesia breathing system. • Features a streamlined tube-within-a-tube design which eliminates twisting between the inspiratory and expiratory limbs. • Eliminates bulky connectors at the patient interface. • Provides natural heat and moisture conservation properties to that of a standard...

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