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Safety data sheet according to 91/155/EEC printing date: 02.02.2016 review: issued: 20.07.2015 1.1 identification of the substance: Peek (polyetheretherketone) 1.2 application / preparation: CopraPeek blanks for temporary or permanent restorations (crown, bridges, bases of prostheses) 1.3 producer / supplier: Whitepeaks Dental Solutions GmbH & Co. KG Langeheide 9, 45239 Essen - Germany phone: +49-281-206458-0 / fax: +49-281-206458-13 1.4 toxication helpdesk: Giftnotrufzentrale Berlin: 2. composition / information on ingredients polyetheretherketone (PEEK) 3.1 hazard designation for human an environment: n.a. 3.2 hazardous / non hazardous preparation: n.a. 3.3 harmful effects to health and evironment on abuse: n.a. 3.4 other hazards based on material: none 4. first aid measures 4.1 general information: 4.2 after inhalation: 4.3 after skin contact: 4.5 after swallowing: 4.6 information for physician: Whitepeaks Dental Solutions GmbH & Co. KG Langeheide. 9, 45239 Essen no special measures are required consult a physician n.a. if swarf get into your eyes, rinse open eye for several minutes under running water. If symptoms persist consult a physician in case of discomfort consult a physician n.a.

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5.1 suitable extinguishing media: 5.2 not suitable extinguishing media: 5.3 hazardous combustion products: 5.4 special protection equipment: water spray, foam, powder, carbonic acid gas full water jet n.a. use independent respirators (insulating) 6. accidental release measures 6.1 personal precautions: 6.2 environmental precautions: 6.3 methods of cleaning: 6.4 additional information: absorb mechanically. Dispose according to regulations 7. handling and storage 7.1 handling: 7.2 storage: 7.3 application: during thermal processing and/or shape cutting measures of extraction are...

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9. physical and chemical properties different classic colours solid, in different shapes odourless 9.2.12. evaporation rate: 9.3 other data: n.a. n.a. n.a. n.a. n.a. n.a. n.a. n.a. insoluble in water n.a. n.a. n.a. n.a. softening temperature 100°C 10. stability and reactivity 10.1 conditions to avoid: 10.2 materials to avoid: 10.3 hazardous decomposition products: n.a. n.a. none according to intended application. During thermal composition irritating and flammable fumes arise which irritate eyes and respiratory system. The fumes exist prevalent of: methylmethacrylate 11. toxicological...

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12. ecological information This product was not eco toxicological tested. Due to the consistency as well as the low water solubility bioavailability is not likely. Tests on other products with similar composition confirm this assumption. 12.3 persistence / degradability: low water solubility ^ unlikely bioavailability 12.5. other adverse effects: none 13. disposal considerations product and packaging should be disposed to official rules and directives EWC-waste 07 02 13: plastic waste 14.3. correct identification of goods: CopraPeek 14.5. ocean harmful...

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