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safety data sheet according to 91/155/EEC printing date: 03.09.2015 review: issued: 08.08.2014 1.2 application / preparation: PMMA blanks for the dental casting technique 1.3 producer / supplier: Whitepeaks Dental Solutions GmbH& Co. KG 1.4 toxication helpdesk: Giftnotrufzentrale Berlin: 3.1 hazard designation for human an environment: n.a. 3.2 hazardous / non hazardous preparation: n.a. 3.3 harmful effects to health and evironment on n.a. 3.4 other hazards based on material: none Whitepeaks Dental Solutions GmbH & Co. KG Langeheide. 9 45239 Essen mail: web:

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4.1 general information: 4.2 after inhalation: 4.3 after skin contact: 4.4 after eye contact: 4.5 after swallowing: 4.6 information for physician: 5. fire-fighting measures 5.1 suitable extinguishing media: 5.2 not suitable extinguishing media: 5.3 hazardous combustion products: 5.4 special protection equipment: no special measures are required consult a physician n.a. if swarf get into your eyes, rinse open eye for several minutes under running water. If symptoms persist consult a physician in case of discomfort consult a physician n.a. water spray, foam, powder, carbonic acid gas full...

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8. exposure controls/personal protection 8.1 exposure limits: 8.2 limitation and monitoring to exposure 8.2.1 limitation and monitoring to exposure at work station: respiratory protection: hand protection eye protection: skin protection: 8.2.2. limitation and monitoring to environmental exposure: n.a. n.a. use suitable dust extractor device at workstation. Do not eat, drink or smoke while you are working. Keep away from food and drinks. use respirator if there is not sufficient extractor device wear protective gloves wear protective glasses use protective...

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10.3 hazardous decomposition products: None according to intended application. During thermal composition irritating and flammable fumes arise which irritate eyes and respiratory system. The fumes exist prevalent of: methylmethacrylate 11. toxicological information this product was not toxicological tested. When used and handled according to specifications, the product does not have any harmful effects to our experience and the information provided to us 12.1 ecotoxicity: 12.2 mobility: 12.3 persistence / degradability: 12.4. bioaccumulation potential: 12.5. other adverse effects: none...

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regulatory information subject to classification: no subject to declaration according to EC rule other information This safety data sheet is based on our present knowledge. However, this shall not constitute a guarantee for any specific product features and shall not establish a legally valid contractual relationship. We can not a guarantee or give a warranty for the accuracy, dependability and completeness of this information, explicitly or implicitly. We call upon any person getting this information to urgently check and verify the adequacy and completeness for her or his special...

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