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THE MOBILE SOLUTION Safe, fast and efficacious prevention of cervical cancer TIMER FUNCTION with visual and acoustic feedback TOGGLE HEATING for power saving mode C3 - Cervical Cold Coagulator Art.-No. 610x ADVANTAGES CLINICAL BACKGROUND  No gas required  Fully mobile  No autoclave required  Simple handling  Timer function  Heat protection  Different therapy probes (flat/nipple) WISAP® Medical Technology GmbH Treatment of cervical intraepithelial neoplasia (CIN) The most important cause for the development of CIN is a chronic infection with human papillomavirus (HPV). HPV is very common in the population, particularly among younger women. Regardless of screening strategy, access to effective treatment for women with cervical pre-cancer is crucial. In some countries, up to 80% of women diagnosed with cervical pre-cancer do not receive the recommended treatment. Therefore it is crucial to implement a clinically tested and highly efficacious treatment method, which is easy to handle and cheap to run. E-Mail info@wisap.de

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THE MOBILE SOLUTION Safe, fast and efficacious prevention of cervical cancer Safe Heat Protection THE MOBILE SOLUTION The C3 thermo coagulator is optimized for use in lowresource settings. It is independent of power grid and clinical infrastructure, it is handheld, mobile and easy to use. This LMIC-adapted thermo coagulator is designed with one idea in mind: Simple handling for maximum effect. Therefore the device features a single optimally designed thermo-probe, together with a fixed temperature setting and a timer function. That way we eliminate any possible source for human error and...

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