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■ ■ wissner-■ ■ bosserhoff Functional elegance in nursing care Hospital beds

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Practical functions – high quality – easy handling wissner-bosserhoff (LINET Group) is the leading provider of nursing home and hospital beds in Europe. In order to complement the functionality of our beds as best as possible, we offer a great variety of practical and unique accessories. We aim to provide you with high quality as a result of a careful selection of premium materials and manufacturing processes, with a practical benefit from our accessories and to make our products as easy to use as possible. Nursing is becoming ever more complex and fast-paced, which is why we want to ensure...

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Accessories - 3

MobilizationKeeping patients mobile Mobilizing patients is a core goal in nursing care to uphold or restore the patient's independence. This does not only prevent nursing risks such as pressure ulcers, but is also conducive to the patient's recovery. 1. Lifting pole 4 holding pins keep the trapeze safely in place. A selection of different metal colors (RAL 9002, RAL 9006, chrome-plated, stainless steel)* and its special design for fixed head sections allow you to choose the right lifting pole for every setting. 1.1 Lifting pole for bariatric beds A lifting pole that can support up to 100 kg...

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Accessories - 4

Mobilization Keeping patients mobile 4. Walking stick holder When a patient's ability to move is limited, it is important to have a place for accessories that ensure mobility. This holder gives walking sticks and crutches a place of their own that can be easily reached from the bed. This reduces the risk of falls and prevents tripping hazards. It comes in 2 variants that can be either attached to the HPL board itself or to the top of plastic and metal bed ends. 50-0010 Lifting ladder with 4 rungs 20-0166 Walking stick and crutch holder for plastic bed ends 20-0345 Walking stick and crutch...

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Accessories - 5

CarePerfect care Nursing is a complex task and the time available for each patient is growing shorter and shorter. That is why we provide a selection of practical accessories that are extremely easy to handle so you can make the best use of what little and valuable time you have for each patient. To increase safety, our IV poles can be equipped with a locking mechanism that can be activated by turning the stand once. 1. IV pole IV poles are one of the most important accessories for hospital beds. That's why wissner-bosserhoff offers many telescopic versions with different material...

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Accessories - 6

CarePerfect care Telescopic IV pole with 4 plastic hooks, load per hook 2 kg, chrome-plated, for multicare Telescopic angled IV pole with 4 metal hooks, load per hook 2 kg, stainless steel, for multicare IV pole, wash tunnel-proof We also offer a wash tunnel-proof selection of IV poles for the washable bed image 3-w. Item number wissner-bosserhoff | Hospital bed accessories 2. Drip vessel for IV pole 3. Drip clasp / infusion holder Another option to hang up infusions are the various infusion holders that can be attached to the lifting pole. Moreover, you can attach hooks to the front of the...

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Accessories - 7

CareFocus on orthopedic and intensive care 5. Holders for extension systems Holders for extension systems let you attach extension systems or other accessories to the patient's bed. They are inserted into the IV pole and lifting pole fixtures. 6. Stainless steel rails The stainless steel rails can be attached to the accessory rail with the fastening pins as needed. These standard rails let you attach accessories to the bed with their respective holders. They are available in two lengths: 26 cm (item number: 20-0159) and 53 cm (item number: 20-0254). 20-0390 Holder for extension systems for...

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Accessories - 8

Care Focus on orthopedic and intensive care 7. Respiration tube holder 8. Transport handle multicare These holders are inserted into the fixtures at the head end of the bed and provide safe support for the respiration tube. The rounded edges of the tube holding plate protect the respiration tube from damage. You can perfectly position the holder thanks to its goose neck and easily adjustable joint. The transport handle is easy to attach to the foot end. Use this handle to move the bed ergonomically, but also to care for the patient during transport by adding a docking cart. 20-0396...

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Accessories - 9

CareSafely store oxygen 9. Vertical and horizontal oxygen bottle holder If you need to provide a patient with oxygen while on the move, you can choose between a vertical or horizontal oxygen bottle holder depending on the design of the bed. A robust stainless steel structure allows you to easily secure oxygen bottles to the bed without tools. 20-0437 Vertical oxygen bottle holder, attachable to the outside 16 mm fixtures on the head end of eleganza 3 and eleganza 3XC, stainless steel Vertical oxygen bottle holder, attachable to the outside edge under the head end, for eleganza 3 and...

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Accessories - 10

MonitoringKeeping an eye on the patient 20-0389 Monitor tray for eleganza 3 and eleganza 3XC Critically ill and sedated patients or other conditions require you to monitor the patient's vital functions. Use wissner-bosserhoff products to place the monitors needed at the foot end of the bed as a mobile solution when transporting patients. While how the monitor tray is attached depends on the bed, the overall design of the tray itself is always the same. wissner-bosserhoff | Hospital bed accessories Monitoring Documentation DocumentationFlexible patient documentation Documenting patient...

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Accessories - 11

Special details for added comfort Flexible patient identification Sometimes, it is the small things that make a patient more comfortable and conduce to quicker recovery. Addressing patients by their name is important. Therefore, we offer matching name tag holders or name cards for each bed. Item number Plastic name tag holder for metal bed ends with round tube Plastic name tag holder for HPL panel boards Name tag holder for plastic bed ends in E3 design Compatible with image 3 image 3-b eleganza 3 eleganza 3XC Patients can keep their personal towel close by the bed, where it is always at...

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