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■ ■ wissner-■ ■ bosserhoff Functional elegance in nursing care Nursing home bed for obese residents

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carisma 300-xxl Nursing home bed for obese residents For the development of the carisma 300-xxl, the focus was put on the synthesis of homeliness and individual comfort in nursing care combined with functionalities to make every-day nursing care more worthwhile for both the residents and staff. The nursing home bed is tailored to obese residents with increased space requirements. It offers a safe working load of 300 kg with a maximum resident weight of 270 kg. The extra-wide 120 cm xxl patient surface ensures that the resident has more space and freedom of movement than in the average bed....

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The carisma 300-xxl living concept The selection of materials and colors follows current, natural living trends. This way, a homely and warm atmosphere is created in which the resident feels safe and protected. More and more nursing homes react to this development and create special sections for the increasing number of obese residents. With the carisma 300-xxl, wissner-bosserhoff combines the established design with sophisticated functions tailored to the care of these residents. Bedside cabinet vitalia 2 Décor Havana cherry Wall color Contrast color

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So much more than an extra-wide bariatric bed The powerful motors to adjust the bed height, backrest and leg rest notably reduce the strain on the staff. Electrical adjustment features ensure the personal comfort of the people in need of care and enables them to sit up safely. Continuous side guards give the resident a feeling of safety. The standard patient surface length of the bed is 210 cm. An extension is not necessary. On its 0 125 mm Linea double castors, the bed excels with ideal moving properties. The castors are very flexible, stable and easy on the floors. The carisma 300-xxl...

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wissner-bosserhoff GmbH HauptstraSe 4-6, 58739 Wickede (Ruhr), Germany Phone: +49(0)2377/784-0 | Fax: -167 | | wissner-bosserhoff | Item no. 97-1079 | Edition 07.2016, Rev.0 | Slight deviations in color are possible. Technical changes reserved.

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