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“ The important thing is not how old you become, but how you become old.“ Werner Mitsch The nursing room is frequently the nal living room for a person in need of care. In this phase the nursing home bed takes on a central signicance and becomes the main focal point for the well-being and dignity of a resident. Comfort, cosiness and the function of the nursing home bed play the largest roles here. The carisma nursing home bed was developed with these aspects in mind. carisma is the direct successor to the vitalia ambiente nursing home bed, which has proved itself for over 15 years more than...

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Previous page carisma S09 nursing home bed with matching wall panel P1 bonsigna I and bedside light VT1 in maple, along with the soluna reading light. 01 Be on the safe side with a continuous side protection and easy-running trigger release. 02 Foot section in the T design with bedsheet holder ands handrail in maple. Right-hand page Thanks to the long back rest with a size of 88 cm, the carisma is ideally suited for an ergonomic body posture. 01 The carisma nursing home bed blends harmoniously into a cosy atmosphere. Through the dual retraction of backrest and foot rest, residents up to 180...

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02 01 Previous page carisma W 10 nursing home bed and bedside cabinet vivo E2 in walnut. 01 The extendable side protections that can be pulled out in four stages up to 40 cm provide an individual safeguard and maximum freedom of movement. 02 The W head section can be optionally tted with a coloured deco inlay to give the bed an individual air. 03 Foot section in G design with bedsheet holder and handrail Right-hand page Bedside cabinet VT1T in walnut with one small and one large drawer, along with a pull-out tray. 03 The carisma nursing home bed reects the combination of cosiness and...

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02 Handset nursing home bed carisma Cosiness. Economicalness. Nursing comfort. 01 Divided side protection carisma beds stand out because they are easy to operate: • Clear and ergonomic handset • Handset and control box in one, thus complying with the forthcoming standard IEC 60601-2-52 • Automatic comfort seating • Automatic prevention: - Relieves pressure on veins through stretched legs up position - Bedsore prevention with a scientic basis through the Fowler-30°-position (cf. (Design W 10) The innovative side protection concept is seamless and suitable for wheelchair...

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side protection Cosiness 1st level: With the side protection in its initial position, the carisma has a particularly cosy effect. Bed egress is possible without hindrance, and there are no pressure points when sliding over the edge of the bed. Barrier-free protection 2nd level: The side protection can be used for orientation and provides support in mobilisation. The resident is already supported in his orientation by a light contact without rails at shoulder/legs level. With accompanied mobilisation the side protections are used to support the resident and save time, since the bed does not...

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patient surfaces 1 3 Patient surface ergonomics according to the Prof. Eigler study* In his practice-oriented study, Prof. Eigler not only established proof of the benets of a patient surface divided into 4 parts, but also identied a benecial division (80-20-40-60 cm) in accordance with anthropometrics, i.e. corresponding to the average human body sizes. Here the back rest should be at least 80 cm long to effectively support the cervical spine. Free choice of patient surfaces 01 Aero – The wire mesh patient surface ensures good aeration. 02 Easyclean – The synthetic padding is particularly...

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bedding and mobilisation automatic positions Nursing-friendly bed adjustment The preset automatic functions in the handset are easy to operate. Clarity and safety The advantages of the handset: • clearly structured, fewer buttons • initial-fault tolerance through preselection – function cannot be triggered by a key being pressed by mistake • ergonomic design – no unintended operation of buttons • 2- in-1 safety package: Handset ands control box in one on the rear of the handset • with its locking function, the handset already complies with the expected forthcoming standard IEC 60601-2-52 •...

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product overview Side protection Head and foot ends Bedding areas Options / Accessories Mattresses Bedside cabinet, server 50-0126 ProphyMatt II 10-0324 Bedside cabinet vivo E2 W 53 cm, H 77 cm, D 45 cm 50-0085 ViskoMatt 10-0368 Bedside cabinet VT1 W 47 cm, H 77 cm, D 50 cm 50-0123 MicroMatt 10-0273 Server stylo S3 with overbed table that can be lowered for combination with bedside cabinet without integrated overbed table mechanism W 82,5 cm, H 79,5 - 115 cm, D 42,5 cm L 206 cm W 106 cm B D Bed extension Type B side protection 06/09 10 divided side protection, ”zero gap”, seamless L 206 cm,...

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K02 Cherry R 5360 BOI Beech, tinted R 5313 BOO Natural beech R 5320 A03 Maple R 5184 Some illustrated decors available at extra charge. anthracite grey, RAL 7016 Undercarriage cover sieger design / wlssner-bosserhoff Studio Casa & Ute Mahler Slight deviations In colour are possible. Technical changes reserved.

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Furniture for an ambience worth living in wissner-bosserhoff GmbH E-Mail:

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