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Functional elegance in nursing care for nursing home and hospital beds

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Priv.-Doz. Dr. rer. cur. Jan Kottner Charité - University Medical Department in Berlin Clinical Research Center for Hair and Skin Science The demographic change in Europe confronts society with new challenges. Increasing life expectancy leads to changes in the requirements of living space. Despite the progress made in medicine, physical impairments increase in old age. Daily life gets more burdensome. Healthy persons spend about a third of the day in bed, those in need of care are often so limited in their mobility that they are forced to spend most of their time lying down. Thus, correct...

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Patient surfaces for bedsore prevention Universal mattresses Lying and sitting in the same position for longer periods of time as well as high pressure loads that are accompanied by strong shearing forces, lead to pressure ulcers. The lack of movement of patients can lead to painful bedsores. Beds by wissner-bosserhoff offer two systems, which create optimal conditions for the patient's comfort even during bed adjustments and which can reduce negative effects of positioning. BiNetic patient surface with double retraction for nursing home beds and Ergoframe® patient surface for hospital...

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Comfort and prophylaxis mattresses The parts of our body vary considerably in weight and shape. The MicroMatt 7 with its 7 zones accommodates this fact. With its surface with massage points and a wave profile, it stimulates the skin in a pleasant way and a positive feeling while lying down is created. Especially persons with a high risk of bedsore by long confinement to bed benefit from reliable prophylaxis. This is why the wissner-bosserhoff prevention mattresses provide optimal pressure distribution for all the parts of the body in contact with the mattress, considerably reducing the risk...

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Comfort and prophylaxis mattresses ViskoMatt 3 is a high-quality viscoelastic mattress that offers an optimal pressure relief of 35 % on average. The 10 cm wide reinforced edges on both long sides effectively support fall prevention and mobilization. The high-quality foams ensure high stability and a long durability. In addition to this, local pressure points are avoided. The corresponding cover in the color grey-aluminum is bi-elastic and has an antimicrobial fitting due to silver protection. By standard, it is equipped with a concealed L zipper. Optionally, the mattress is also available...

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Bariatric mattresses Evacuation cover For quick and easy evacuation in an emergency With wissner-bosserhoff bariatric mattresses, even extremely heavy persons can count on a high level of bedding comfort. They are available with a thickness of 14 cm or even 18 cm. In an emergency, the residents of a nursing home or hospital have to be evacuated quickly. This is especially important for immobile persons and those confined to bed. With the evacuation cover, wissner-bosserhoff has the perfect solution. Residents can be transported quickly and safely, without the need to get them out of the bed...

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Mattresses for stretcher sprint The unique mattress system for the stretcher sprint comes in three different variants. The visco-elastic surface of the sprint comfort mattress ensures comfortable lying over longer periods. The sprint plus mattress simplifies patient transfer since it contains extendable pads that close the gap between stretcher and operating table, hospital bed or X-ray table. sprint plus Polyurethane cold foam mattress (CMHR) Lintex cover Polyurethane cold foam mattress Lintex cover Out-patient department/Acute care. Mod.-No. 20-0383 Foam insert made of 6 cm HR cold foam,...

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Active mattress systems virtuoso® Series 2 The active mattress systems of wissner-bosserhoff offer a clinically proven bedsore prevention and therapy. Different mechanisms are employed. The product portfolio ranges from effective alternating pressure mattresses to constant low pressure systems with micro climate management. • igh-Performance in bedsore prevention H and -therapy. • eets the most demanding nursing needs M of highest risk patients. • or example, offers alternating pressure F therapy, constant low pressure with automatic pressure adjustment (4 working modes in total). •...

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Product range overview/accessories Mattresses Mattress dimensions No prevention Nursing care for the elderly and acute patients Max. resident weight: 130 kg (lying down)* Terry cloth stretch Aqua Aqua plus mint-green Cambio Reversible Jersey cover Liquid Wonder Silverline Comfort and prevention Nursing care for acute patients, intensive care, nursing care for the elderly Comfort and prevention Nursing care for the elderly and acute patients Max. resident weight: 100 kg (lying down)* Terry cloth stretch Aqua Aqua plus mint-green Cambio Reversible Jersey cover Liquid Wonder Silverline Comfort...

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Product range overview/accessories Mattresses Mattress dimensions Mattress covers Out-patient department/Acute care Lintex antistatic Aqua Plus Reversible Jersey cover Stretch terry Liquid Wonder Evacuation cover mint-green/ white light blue/ white dark blue Moisture resistance Mass per unit area Top side 230 g/m² bottom side 275 g/m² Out-patient department/Acute care Out-patient department/Acute care Lintex antistatic Lintex antistatic General cover properties Mattress covers from wissner-bosserhoff convince with their one or double-sided resistance to urine and disinfectants,...

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wissner-bosserhoff | item No. 97-0919 | Edition 01/2014, Rev.0 | Print msp druck und medien | Slight deviations in color are possible. Technical changes reserved. wissner-bosserhoff GmbH Hauptstraße 4-6 D-58739 Wickede (Ruhr) Tel.: +49(0)2377/784-0 Fax: +49(0)2377/784-163 E-Mail:

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