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Nursing & long-term care bed NURSING CARE

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The Eleganza 1 bed has full electrical positioning and brings the quality and range of functions intended for acute healthcare into the area of longterm care adapting them for different care units. The mainadvantages of the Eleganza 1 include an aesthetically pleasing design, a high degree of safety parameters and support for convalescence.

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EASIER AND SAFER MOBILISATION Most clients residing in long-term care departments are often elderly, with differing degrees of immobility and weight. The Eleganza 1 bed has electric positioning making mobilisation easier; more simple and safer partly due to an integrated handle for use when standing. COMFORT WHEN LAYING Elderly people have specific needs with comfort and space contributing to an increased sense of wellbeing. Independent control of electrical positions improves comfort whilst reducing the risk of pressure ulcers. The design of the controls are enhanced for those with poor...

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Falls protection THE RISk OF FALLS | may affect the elderly and immobile more significantly than the rest of the population so prevention is crucial during long term care. For safety, the Eleganza 1 bed has single collapsible side rails and is fully compatible with the strict safety standard CSN EN 60601-2-52. FULL PROTECTION WITH THE PROTECTOR The Protector will give all round protection of the mattress platform. It is positioned in the foot end of the bed and is linked to the single collapsible side rail, both in terms of dimensions and design. The Protector may be suitable for patients...

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Highest level of comfort Immobile clients spend all or part of the day lying in bed so it is important to ensure that they are comfortable. The Eleganza 1 bed has a wider mattress platform of 90 cms providing a comfortable space even for the more overweight client. The mattress platform has the Ergoframe system. A MATTRESS PLATFORM FOR PRESSURE AREA CARE There is a high risk of pressure ulcers in elderly patients who are confined to bed for long periods of time. Many of these pressure ulcers can be avoided by implementing preventative measures such as regular repositioning and appropriate...

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Ergonomic side rail ONE OF THE MAIN PRIORITIES | during the development of LINET products is to ensure absolute safety. One of the most important features are the side rails, so the heights and all gaps between fixed and moving parts are designed in accordance with the strict safety standard for hospital beds described in EN 60601-2-52:2010. [01] SINGLE COLLAPSIBLE SIDE RAILS An innovative mechanism makes it possible to release and position the side rails by simply using one hand. This control is very ergonomic and fast and the client can operate the side rails after instruction. This...

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[02]  Model 1GTD0136 Eleganza 1 with full length side rails and wooden design bed ends [01]  Model 1GTD5536 Eleganza 1 with single collapsible side rails and wooden design bed ends Basic technical parameters Castors 125 mm see table Safe Working Load SWL safe working load External dimension 15 cm / 0 cm for full length side rail Mattress platform 4 section electric adjustable Mattress platform Electric Height adjustment R 4601 Golden red Alder R 5360 Precious Cherry Electric Backrest adjustment Electric Thighrest without battery Individually braked Centrally braked Centrally braked with...

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Želevčice 5, 274 01 Slaný, Czech Republic tel.: +420 312 576 111, fax: +420 312 522 668, e-mail: info@linet.cz, www.linet.com 8 Nursing & long-ter

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