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The most effective investment UE n IQ TiO UN nc FU  HEALTH–CARE PROGRA

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eleganza 1 the most effective investment eleganza 1 bed with split plastic collapsible siderail + Bedside cabinet eleganza classic.

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With full electrical adjustment, the eleganza 1 bed is designed for the standard hospital ward. The bed has a simple construction, a wide range of features and functions and at a low cost, the eleganza 1 provides customers with great value for money. as a result, this bed makes the above-standard features and sophisticated functions available to a large group of customers. excellent price-performance ratio highest level of safety Full compliance with en 60601-2-52 above standard of safety safe plus concept above-standard functionalities sWl 250 kg Bed width < 100 cm plastic mattress...

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above-standard functionalities will exceed your expectations The bed can be equipped with a number of optional functions and useful versatile features and will meet the specific needs of every hospital department. 1. hOriZOnTal prOTecTiVe BUmpers 2. pOrTs FOr liFTinG anD iV pOles 4. cOllapsiBle siDerails (page 10–11) 3. 150 mm cenTrallY cOnTrOlleD casTOrs 5. cOlOUr eFFecTs (page 15) 7. hOlDer FOr mOBi-hanDle Or prOTecTOr 3 +15 cm 8. cOmFOrTaBle FOr Taller paTienTs as Well |Bed length extended by 15 cm| Demographic trends clearly show that people are getting taller and that there is an...

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11. mOre space FOr paTienTs |ergoframe +16 cm| When re-positioning the backrest and thigh rest, the ergoframe function minimises the pressure and shear in the patient‘s pelvic region. This results in a significant reduction in the development of pressure ulcers. The effect is achieved by the automatic widening of the mattress platform by 16 cm. 12. OpTimUm space FOr accessOries |accessory bar| painted bars are available in 500 or 740 mm lengths. The bars, equipped with 2 or 4 plastic hooks, are located on both sides of the bed. many small accessories can be hung from them (urinal basket,...

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Designed for easy infection control nosocomial infection prevention plasTic maTTress plaTFOrm assembly, dismantling and cleaning of the mattress platform is now much easier and more efficient due to the exceptional solution consisting of 8 self-contained removable plastic components. similar to the bed ends and siderails, these components are made using the joint-free technology of injection moulding. With a low weight (each part weighs only 100 grams) and dimensions, this solution is very popular. a figure pictogram can be used for quick identification of the correct position of the bed...

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safer bed maximum safety for the patient and nurse guaranteed Varianta: 06 There are a number of standards and guidelines aimed at enhancing medical bed safety. One of the main priorities of lineT products is the solution that all SAFE BED SAFE BED technical aspects focus on absolute safety. The eleganza 1 bed meets all of the requirements of the latest standard iec 60601-2-52 effective from 1st april 2013. -2-52 0601 T EN 6 MPLIAN O C saFe Gaps – all gaps of the eleganza 1 bed are designed for higher safety: 1 1 area under the siderail, between the mattress platform and siderails BED...

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sophisticated electric functions GO BUTTOn The safety concept of the GO button protects the patient against an injury caused by any unintentional movement of the bed. Use the GO button to activate the bed control units for a period of 3 minutes from the last depression. When the bed is not deliberately repositioned, the controls are automatically deactivated, which makes any unintentional activation impossible. Within our safer Bed concept, the GO button has been used for all lineT products since 2000. sUperVisOr cOnTrOl panel supervisor control panel has a coiled cable providing flexibility...

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DesiGn FOr lOnGer liFe lOnGer BaTTerY liFe recharging of the battery is controlled in an optimum way, which results in a longer battery life by up to 2 years. The battery is always available and doesn’t have to be activated. acTUaTOr prOTecTiOn – reDUces serVicinG cOsTs One of the most common breakdowns of hospital beds is caused by the bed getting stuck under an obstruction (a window sill, etc.) or by the bed being overloaded. The resulting repairs can be costly and time consuming. The eleganza 1 bed has an independent current protection for each actuator which prevents damage to the...

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split plastic siderails siderails with the new system of lowering mechanism feature simple design, simple operation and a high level of safety whilst still being good value for money. The system of lowering is around the lower axis of the siderail. low weight, perfect balance and a large unlocking handle ensures than only minimum force is needed to unlock the siderail. The safety of the siderail lowering function meets the en 60601-2-52 requirements and is achieved by unlocking the system using two separate movements. 1. siDerail WiTh inTeGraTeD cOnTrOls The head siderail can be provided...

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single collapsible siderails for independent mobilisation The siderail drops down level with the mattress. To unlock and drop a siderail grasp the handle with one hand and move the whole siderail towards the patient‘s head. secondly. press the unlocking button and lower the siderail smoothly to the drop-down position. after training the patient can drop down the siderail and perform daily activities without any help – the patient becomes more independent. 1 an anTi-scraTch prOTecTiOn sTrip located along the whole length of the central bar protects the siderail and bed against scratching...

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Technical parameters Technical parameters The customer requirements were taken into account when constructing the beds with regards to minimum bed widths, therefore the bed width is now less that 100 cm. The bed will fit into lifts and into smaller rooms. Technical parameters see table Safe Working Load SWL safe working load External dimension However, the loading area of 90cms on the mattress platform still provides maximum patient comfort. In this segment of universal beds, there is extra versatility and safe working loads up to 250 kgs. mattress platform 4 section electric adjustable...

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