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Eleganza 2 The smart acute bed HEALTHCARE PROGRAM

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Eleganza 2 the smart acute bed The LINET Eleganza 2 pushes the boundaries of bed design in terms of safety, quality The Eleganza 2 pushes the LINET Eleganza 2 is the first bed of its kind so has of workmanship and innovation. The boundaries of safety standards, quality of workmanship and design. It is the the bed, and modern bed system. Containing bed. It contains set the standard by defining firstgenuinely so defines the genuinely modern sophisticated all sophisticated functions, LINET Eleganza properties and is also accessible functions, the ‘smart’ features of theincluding “smart” 2 are...

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Real support for mobilisation More than 30% of falls occur when the patient is getting out of bed. a detailed study of ergonomics by LINET has created innovations such as integrated Mobilift with support handles. The resulting benefit of this important feature is the assurance and support for the patient when exiting the bed, an accelerated process of patient independence and a reduction in demand upon healthcare staff. In summary, this revolutionary and highly functional solution within the LINET Eleganza 2 bed significantly reduces the risk of patient falls. [01] haNDRaIL To assIsT...

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safe concept although the bed should be a safe space for the patient, falls from a bed or related injuries pose a significant risk to patients and healthcare facilities. safety is central to the concept of the LINET Eleganza 2; side rails guarantee a high level of protection against falls and many other safety features make the LINET Eleganza 2 a bed with the highest possible safety level. [01] No FaLLs oR INJURIEs 1. The Eleganza 2 complies fully with the EN 60601-2-52 safety standard. 2. The original 4saFE® LINET side rails run the entire length of the mattress platform and prevent falls...

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attractive design aT FIRsT sIGhT | your attention will be drawn to the attractively designed liquid angle indicator, which complements the organic yet highly ergonomic shapes of the side rails and boards. all of this on the innovative column construction of the chassis makes the LINET Eleganza 2 a bed which emphasises the quality of the care provided by each hospital facility. [01] 4saFE sIDE RaILs WITh FUNcTIoN Features soft drop side rails supported with gas springs to lower the side rail at a reduced, safe speed. Quiet operation and smooth tilt ensures the patient remains comfortable and...

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BACKLIT ANGLE INDICATOR The attractively designed angle indicator displays clearly and accurately the tilt angle of the mattress platform and backrest. At night, the backlighting can be changed to green which is a clear and intuitive indication the bed is in its lowest safe position.

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Really smart The intelligent LINET Eleganza 2 bed can be equipped to provide information on patient safety, bed status and current maintenance requirements without the need for complex training – it is simple to use. [01] saFETY MoNIToR The safety monitor intelligent system improves risk management particularly when caring for patients in an acute healthcare environment. The system automatically combines information from the bed safety features with patient vital functions, presenting this to nursing staff in an intuitive. [02] BED MoNIToR Patient comfort is maintained thanks to the use of...

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Patient monitoring, data archiving and analysis of medical devices has a significant and positive impact upon: – Risk Management – Response times to patient requests for assistance – Communication Quality; Transparency, Contactless, Mob

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Transport made easy The LINET Eleganza 2 can be transported with ease; thanks to the addition of a fifth castor the bed is easy to manoeuvre. In addition, other special functions reduce the demands for patient support by staff, treatment and transport becomes easier. [01]  5th castor The 5th castor makes the bed significantly easier to transport. Easy turning – the 5th castor becomes a central point of rotation making manoeuvring in very tight spaces easier and keeps the bed going in a straight direction even when moving along long corridors. [02]  HANDRAILS ON BED END Special shaping of...

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comfortable care Increased patient comfort improves the mental well-being of the patient and helps to accelerate the recovery process. The LINET Eleganza 2 mattress platform has been designed to adapt to specific hospital conditions to offer the greatest level of patient comfort. [03] MaTTREss PLaTFoRM The 90 cm wide mattress platform offers a high level of comfort to all patients. The specially designed ventilation channels allow air to circulate under the mattress; this has a cooling effect helping to reduce a build-up of moisture. supports along the edge of the mattress platform are...

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so practical and ergonomic The LINET Eleganza 2 offers a whole range of smart, practical features and accessories making it user friendly for medical staff. an appropriately equipped LINET Eleganza 2 bed is a truly valuable asset to help with demanding day-to-day work and routine activities. [01] UNIVERsaL “haNDY” BoX The “handy” storage box can be mounted at almost any point on the bed allowing the patient to store items such as glasses or the television remote control and access them with ease; this further enhances the patient environment. [02] URINE BoTTLE hoLDER Urine bottle holder...

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Functional The set of controls allow nurses to handle the LINET Eleganza 2 bed effectively and ergonomically. The patient can control some functions which contribute to their independence and good psychical welfare. AUTOMATIC BACKREST STOP AT 30˚ SWITCHING OFF OF THE BACKLIGHT BUTTON Practical automatic halting of the backrest at the most frequently used angle of 30°. Operation is easy – during positioning the backrest automatically stops at 30°. This function covers one of the most basic standards in healthcare defined by GCI . For patients who may be sensitive or disturbed by night-time...

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