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Functional elegance in nursing care

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" I've decided to be happy because it's good for my health." Voltaire Doctors and nursing staff have excellent knowledge where medical issues are concerned: They display a professional competence in getting healing processes started: treating patients sensibly and with respect and at the same time allowing them the freedom to do things themselves that they are capable of doing. This strengthens patients and gives them condence that they will soon have everything under control again. The approach of wissner-bosserhoff is to provide patients with a pleasant environment and make daily work for...

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Previous page eleganza ts harmoniously into the warm atmosphere of this hospital room. 01 The material makes the difference: Mechanical properties, chemical resistance and especially the heat resistance and durability make polypropylene an impressive material. The bed heads stylishly frame the eleganza 3 with a designoriented shape. 02 The innovative side guard release with soft closing allows fast and safe access to the patient. Page right The optional control satellite is xed to the backrest, so it can be reached conveniently at any time. The GO activation button ensures initial fault...

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03 Patient surface Innovative Ergoframe® patient surface: • Reduced friction and shearing forces, and thus a smaller risk of bedsore in the pelvic region and shoulder area • Permanent support of the head in all bed positions • High patient comfort, especially in the sitting position • Removable partitions ensure ease of cleaning and service • Integrated bed extension/bed shortening by -+9 / -8 cm Mobilisation. Fall prevention. Ergonomics. Hygiene. 01 Divided side guard • Safety gaps comply with the new standard IEC 60 601-2-52 • Customised adjustment of protection to the individual risk of...

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Mobilisation with control satellite The control satellite installed on the backrest is always close to hand. With the pre-programmed bed egress position the bed moves to the lowest position and the backrest is raised. The patient quickly has ground contact and calming safety. Sitting on the edge of the bed, he can support himself on the side guard and stand up. Mobilisation with Mobi Lift® The Mobi Lift® is equipped with an integrated function key to adjust the height of the bed. Sitting on the edge of the bed, the patient can hold on to both the side guard and the Mobi-Lift® and can adjust...

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Lying and comfort 01 The supervisor (basic model) allows nursing staff to quickly set the preset emergency and lying positions Trendelenburg (A), cardiac chair (B), examination position (C), bed egress position (D) and CPR (E). In addition it is possible to lock the adjustment options of the bed that are accessible to the patient. An emergency STOP button guarantees the immediate stopping of all undesired bed positioning. The battery pack charge status can be checked using the LED display. Lying and sitting for a long time without changing position, as well as high-pressure loads that are...

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The optional fth castor forms the optimal turning point when moving the bed. Saving energy and required space, eleganza 3 can be moved by just one person either from the head or foot end. Shunting arduously to and fro is a thing of the past. The bed negotiates narrow corridors and small hospital rooms elegantly and with a minimal turning circle. With the development of modern medicine, invasive procedures are used ever more frequently to prolong life. In addition, patients are getting older, or they have reduced defence mechanisms. This means that nosocomial infections occur more and more...

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Range overview Perfekt für intermediate Care und ICU Mit eleganza 3XC wird das Universal- und Intermediate Care Bett um drei besondere Intensivfunktionen ergänzt: • C-Bogen-Einsatz vom Oberkörper bis zum Beckenbereich • Seitlich einschiebbarer Kassettenhalter fur Lungenaufnahmen ̈ (optional) • Integriertes Wiegesystem (optional) Das ansprechende Design und die besonderen Produkteigenschaften von eleganza 3 bleiben erhalten: • Feststehendes Kopfteil zur Vermeidung von Beschädigungen an Wand und Turrahmen ̈ • Flexibles Seitensicherungskonzept ermöglicht – Schutzanpassung an das individuelle...

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Unidecors (head, foot and side panel decors) Wooden decors (head, foot and side panel decors) RAL colours (metal parts) RAL 9006 aluminium white (undercarriage /frame)

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wissner-bosserhoff | Art. No. 97-0576 | Edition 02/2012, Rev.1 | Print: msp druck und medien | Slight deviations in colour are possible. Technical changes reserved. wissner-bosserhoff GmbH Hauptstraße 4-6 D-58739 Wickede (Ruhr) Phone: +49(0)2377/784-0 Fax: +49(0)2377/784-163 E-Mail: info@wi-bo.de

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