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— Everything needed to save lives — Prevention of pulmonary and cardiac complications — Falls protection and pressure ulcer prevention — Easy infection control — In-bed weighing and X-ray examinations — Easy and intuitive handling — Best level of care provided — Better working conditions for staff — Cost savings due to shorter hospitalisation

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Support for vital functions

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Thanks to the one-button function of the Eleganza 3XC bed, hospital staff can effectively care for the well-being of two of the most important organs: the heart and lungs. In the cardiac chair position, the bed supports respiratory and cardiovascular systems. Cardiac chair The cardiac chair position helps to maximise respiratory function and the sitting position also enhances patient comfort when reading, eating or watching television. — Staff may comfortably adjust the position of the cardiac chair with one touch of a single button in the supervisor control panel. — The Ergoframe® system...

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In-bed X-ray imaging X-ray examination of a critically ill patient is part of the daily routine for intensive care units. Frequent lung and chest X-ray monitoring can prevent life-threatening complications. In-bed X-ray imaging serves both the patient who does not have to be moved unnecessarily, and the staff through reducing patient handling.

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Integrated X-ray cassette holder The backrest of the Eleganza 3XC is radiotranslucent, and a holder for an X-ray cassette is fixed beneath it. The holder’s sliding construction allows the cassette to be conveniently inserted under the mattress platform from the side of the bed. C-arm compatibility The Eleganza 3XC bed allows certain C-arm-assisted cardio-surgical operations to be performed directly on the bed thanks to the radiotranslucent mattress platform (from the pelvic area to the head of the bed). — The column construction allows for the unrestricted accessibility of the C-arm.

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Ergoframe® The Eleganza 3XC bed is equipped with the Ergoframe® which extends the mattress platform in the pelvic area and reduces the pressure load on the tissues in this region. This unique solution delivers maximum patient comfort in all positions. The Ergoframe® system also reduces friction and shearing forces between the mattress and the patient’s skin which contributes to the prevention of pressure ulcers. Active mattress Virtuoso The zero pressure concept of the Virtuoso therapeutic surface makes it one of the most effective pressure-relieving mattresses. Virtuoso is designed for...

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The positive effects of Ergoframe® — Easier breathing — Less friction and shearing forces — Enhanced comfort in the abdominal area — Minimised patient migration to the foot section — Better support of the head Most-affected areas by extensive pressure and shearing forces. Three-cell system with zero pressure — The three-cell technology of the Virtuoso mattress mimics the body’s natural movement and thus prevents pressure damage. The mattress frequently and completely eliminates pressure. — The inflation cycle of the mattress is repeated every 7.5 minutes and operates 24 hours a day....

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Falls prevention Three-section siderails – complete protection The unique siderail system of the Eleganza 3XC creates a safe area on the bed. Staff can optimise siderail use according to the individual medical condition of the patient. — If the patient is at high risk for falls, the nurse may set the siderails to span the entire length of the mattress platform. — The Eleganza Protector® provides a protective barrier all around the mattress platform. This may prevent confused or high-risk patients from falling. Standard protection Siderails without the Eleganza Protector® provide a standard...

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Active elements for enhanced falls prevention Besides the mechanical solutions, Eleganza 3XC offers other progressive methods of minimising the fall risk. To achieve the highest patient safety level, the bed can be equipped with other sophisticated features as well. Bed exit alarm Multi-zone bed exit alarm monitors the patient’s presence and movements in bed, and alerts the staff to a potential fall risk. i-Brake® When the bed has accidentally been left unbraked, the system automatically activates the brakes one minute after the bed is plugged into the mains. ENHANCED PROTECTION AGAINST...

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Eleganza 3XC bed frame offers a comprehensive system of features facilitating patient mobilisation in the safest and most effective way. The bed’s mobilisation aids save nurses and physiotherapists energy and time. Mobi-Lift® system The Mobi-Lift® mobilising handles integrated into the bed’s mattress platform act as a stable support for the patient when exiting and entering the bed. — The Mobi-Lift® support handles give the patient a certain amount of security and an increase in confidence. — A simple bed height adjustment button is integrated into the Mobi-Lift® support handles.

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mobilisation MOBILISATION PROCEDURE The patient can sit up safely with the support of the backrest and middle siderails. The patient can slide out the Mobi-Lift® handle using one hand. Using the control integrated into the Mobi-Lift® handle, the patient can adjust the optimum bed height for getting up.

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Superior staff support To make nursing more ergonomic, Eleganza 3XC can be placed into the examination position at the touch of a button using either the Supervisor panel or hands-free foot controls.

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Easier transport The retractable 5th castor i-Drive allows the bed to be smoothly manoeuvred into position without repeated pushing and pulling movements and can be retracted into the chassis when not in use. The 5th castor is in the central part of the undercarriage, which makes it easier for staff to handle the bed when manoeuvring in tight spaces. — In long corridors, the 5th castor maintains direct steering. — Easy bed steering during patient transport contributes to reducing staff workload. — The bed can be moved sideways when the brakes are in the neutral position. Once the bed is...

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