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/nnoiHatm with human touch

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Art of turning HANDLE YOUR PATIENT WITH GENTLE CARE AND SAVE YOUR BACK! Innovative tilting technology with smooth columns helps to turn the patient gently with less physical effort. — The nurse will carry out routine nursing procedures ergonomically and effortlessly. — Improves pressure ulcer prevention – regular patient positioning is therefore easy. — New technology: smooth bed tilting for even more sensitive care. “Empirical measurement showed that the lateral tilt works and helps reduce the effort exerted when changing bedding on hospital beds by an average of 30%.” $ 7 billion annual...

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15° LEFT, 15° RIGHT, DONE! 35,000 reported musculoskeletal injuries of nursing staff in the USA in 2013.* The Eleganza 5 brings change! To positioning To bed making To bed changing To hygiene The lateral tilt for ergonomically correct care The traditional way of turning the patient can lead to back injury HANDS-FREE TILT The hands-free operation using the foot controls increases the efficiency of the atraumatic patient turn method. Both of the nurse’s hands are free to devote full attention to the patient without any effort whatsoever. LESS SKIN DAMAGE AND ROUGH HANDLING MINIMUM PHYSICAL...

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MULTIPLE SAFETY: SOPHISTICATED SAFETY FEATURES CONTROLLED BY THE MONITORING SYSTEM. Siderails ConceptLowest Bed Height SAFETY UNDER CONTROL The BedMonitor system continuously monitors the main safety features of all beds in the department. Staff monitor the information on the display device (PC, tablet or mobile phone).

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65% of falls in hospital are bed related SIDERAILS CONCEPT Reduced side space needed for siderails release. — Smooth release by Soft Drop. — Minimum entrapment risk. — Siderails down sensors. I-BRAKE The automatic brake prevents falls caused by the unstable bed, especially during bed exit. SAFESTOP® Prevention of injuries due to crushing by the lowered mattress platform. MULTIZONE BED EXIT ALARM Fall prevention by monitoring the patient’s motion activity and presence in the bed. Two modes are used to set up the monitoring depending on the risk level assessment. 30 DEGREE AUTOSTOP The...

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SYMBIOSIS OF 3 ELEMENTS When exiting the bed the patient has 3 big aids to put him back on his feet. Mobilization can begin soon so the patient can gain in self-confidence. This also removes the physical strain on staff. Lateral Tilt NEW and UNIQUE! The patient controls the bed height and tilt using the Mobi-Lift® handle. Ergonomically shaped handles in the siderails. The height setting and side tilt will assist the patient’s bed exit. STANDARD BED VERSUS MOBILIZATION FUNCTION The measurement of active mobilization using vibration belts (“a motion capture posture assessment harness”) on a...

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Art of positioning MULTI-SECTION FRAME DESIGN: ALLOWS UNLIMITED PATIENT COMFORT AND IMPROVES NURSING EFFICIENCY. CARDIAC CHAIR POSITION Provides relief during respiratory problems and is very pleasant for the patient when reading, eating or watching television. during a typical 8-hour shift* 10 FOWLER POSITION 30/30 WITH ERGOFRAME® Equal pressure distribution for skin damage prevention. Minimized friction and shear effect during thighrest and backrest elevation. Less pressure load on the tissue due to the extended pelvic area space. * Nelson, A., Baptiste, A., Evidence-based practices for...

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TILTABLE POSITION Improves the patient’s breathing and maintains arterial blood pressure at a more stable range. VASCULAR POSITION A position with legs at heart level: optimized venous return and positive impact on swelling (oedema) reduction. Help in back ache relief. FULL VASCULAR POSITION Full access for skin inspection & wound care in the heel area. Passive Leg Raise (PLR) – a clinical technique only used when ordered by a physician to assess fluid status without the use of a central line.

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Art of communication SMART TECHNOLOGY AND BED CONNECTIVITY FOR A NEW WAY OF COMMUNICATION. Logical display of all information Nurse close to the patient Preselected functions and safety features Intuitive and single-level controls Display visible from all angles Ergonomics – operating the bed and further equipment from one point 1 control point for the staff LINET | Eleganz

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BEDMONITOR SYSTEM Using sensors built into the bed, the system monitors the settings of the safety parameters. — Allows long-term monitoring of the bed settings and adjustment to the individual needs of patients. — The relevant information can be assessed and the effectiveness increased. — An effective risk management tool in departments. CONNECTIVITY Using the integration module the bed sends the necessary data to the hospital information system. Wifi or LAN connection. — Safety parameters (bed settings) — Technical information (component status and history) — Monitoring of bed function...

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Innovation with human touch

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Art of nursing “Daily, 9,000 healthcare workers sustain a disabling injury while performing work-related tasks.” Deborah Brown RN, BSN* * American Journal of Critical Care effort LINET | Eleganza

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i-DRIVE POWER The intelligent accelerator optimizes the drive speed in different drive situations. Safety Sense Control This unique feature avoids the risk of accidental activation or misuse. In principle, the bed cannot be driven without the user’s hand on the Safety Sense drive area designed also as a driving handle. X-RAY Thanks to the X-ray transparent mattress platform and special bed construction, lung X-rays can be taken without any need for physical handling of the patient. SCALES The integrated scales display the actual patient weight and record the selected weight values. The...

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