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Image 3 Universal bed with low height and excellent design HEALTHCARE PROGRAM

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Image 3, electrically adjustable bed respects the growing demands of the patient and nursing staff. Its attractive design will find universal use in a whole spectrum of hospital care. Image 3 deals with the patient’s safety and mobilisation in a unique way: combining the SafeFree® siderails and reduced low height.

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Fall Prevention Image 3 | was designed with focusing on 100% safe recovery of patient in the bed. Safety is the key characteristics of Image 3. Reduced height combined with telescopic SafeFree® siderails create absolutely safe environment for the patient, that can be adjusted according to their specific needs. ReDUCeD HeIgHT OF 28 Cm Image 3 can be adjusted to reduced height of mattress platform just 28cm above floor and significantly reduces the risk of fall from bed, especially at night. — Reduced height protects patient from injuries — Combination with falling mattress reduces the risk...

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Image 3 – universal bed with low height and excellent design

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SafeFree® Siderails SIDeRaLS FOR INDIVIDUaL NeeDS Split telescopic SafeFree® siderails deals with patient’s safety and the individual needs in a unique way. It provides maximum protection without restrictions. — Split SafeFree® siderails can be adjusted to the 4 different height levels and perfectly fits to specific request on patient’s treatment. Variability has multiple ways of use – SafeFree® siderails provide feeling of safety to the patient, protect him, help when standing up and not restraining him at the same time. — maximum height of SafeFree® siderails of 40cm perfectly protect...

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Image 3 – universal bed with low height and excellent design

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IMAGE 3 | provides a complex system of supportive automatic features called 3-STOP Strategy. It contains functions for safe sleeping, independent mobilisation for quicker recovery, convenient care and cleaning procedures for hospital staff. SLEEPING POSITION — height of 28cm — 1 -button function on Supervisor panel — bed is in the lowest position, patient is protected against the fall — variable SafeFree® siderail setting adjusted to patient needs — double step locking mechanism protects against unintentional release — full length protection of SafeFree® siderail mobilisation POSITION —...

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Image 3 – universal bed with low height and excellent design

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Pressure ulcers prevention… Image 3 | electrically adjustable bed contains extended features which prevent pressure ulcers and contribute to their easier treatment. mattress platform profiling called ergoframe® provides needed comfort for patient. Integral part of the antidecubitus measure on the bed is also the range of active mattresses developed and manufactured by LINeT. eFFeCTS OF eRgOFRame® POSITIONINg Reducing pressure in the pelvic and sacral area when positioning the bed maintaining good lung ventilation Reducing the risk of pressure ulcers in the area of the pelvis and shoulder...

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…and therapy systems active mattresses also play an important role in prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers. LINeT offers its own range of active mattresses with the zero pressure concept. The mattress is designed for high risk patients with reduced mobility. 4 WORKINg mODeS – OPTImISINg CaRe 3 CeLL SYSTem WITH ZeRO PReSSURe aLTeRNaTINg PReSSURe THeRaPY is the basic therapeutic mode simulating the natural movement of a patient and thereby helping prevent and treat pressure ulcers. The new 3 cell concept completely removes the effects of pressure. It works on the principle of...

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everyday routine is gone Image 3 | bed is designed with emphasis to maximally ease everyday activities such as nursing procedures, transfers and other routine tasks. ergonomics, intuitive controls, smooth manipulation with bed and easy cleaning bring relief to hospital staff. Image 3 – USeFUL HeLP — Telescopic linen holder that can be used also as a storage for Supervisor panel — 3D design bumpers protects from collisions, both horizontal and vertical — Foldable mattress retainers for different mattresses — CPR handle for mechanical release of back rest is easy to reach SImPLe CLeaNINg...

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Image 3 – universal bed with low height and excellent design

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IMAGE 3 | is elegant and its simple design with clear lines impresses pleasant, home looking atmosphere. Though it is very functional, brings ergonomics and user-friendly handling. design on demand — Combination of elegant aluminium with wooden decors creates a modern but still calming desing. — Bed was designed by one of the prior Czech designers Jiff Spanihel. — Design of the bed is timeless and it can be used in wide range of facilities - acute and nursing care. — Colour concept offers high variability: steel or plastic parts in silver and dark grey, bed ends and SafeFree® siderails with...

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Image 3 – universal bed with low height and excellent design

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…but universal Image 3 | can be easily used in any hospital area of care. Thanks to the functions and its timeless design it can be implemented to the nursing care as well. Numerous options of equipment and accessories will adjust to the specific needs of its owner. DIFFeReNT BeD Image 3 bed is available also with with plastic bed ends in various colour concept and single collapsible siderails. Usefull functions of single collapsible siderails: — easy manipulation with single hand is more effective — Double step locking mechanism protects from unintentional release — maximum height of 39cm...

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Highest level of safety Full compliance with EN 60601-2-52 TOV certification above standard of safety Safe plus Concept PROTECTOR EXTENDER BRAKE-ALARM Safe Plus Concept Safe Plus Concept Safe Plus Concept Break alarm informs about unbreaked bed and contributes to reduce falls. Extender offers extra 10cm height of siderails. Together with protector creates a perfect solution for patients with high risk of fall of for those, who use active mattresses for enhanced pressure sores care. Protector, located at foot end, adds the 100% covering of the mattress platform. The use of...

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