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Functional elegance in nursing care Room concept for dementia patients

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Getting acquainted with dementia What does this actually mean? Mixed forms of dementia Chart to the left: Frequency of dementia in different age groups in percentages according to gender (data source: Eurodem66) million people are afflicted with dementia worldwide According to estimates, the number of people suffering from dementia worldwide will double by 2030, and by 2050, it will have tripled. According to the World Alzheimer Report 2010, 36 million people are afflicted. The number calculated for 2030 is approximately 66 million, and for 2050, even 115 million Dementia (lat. Dementia...

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memoriana room concept The objective of the memoriana room concept is to offer the resident afflicted with dementia a comfortable environment. Thus creating a room where patients can easily orient themselves and at the same time experience a maximum of independence and safety. This supports the resident in his daily life and lifts the burden from the nursing staff in their work. A great challenge for our society in the future is to ensure a comfortable life for people afflicted with dementia. To achieve this goal, we would like to make our contribution with memoriana. This room concept,...

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sentida low nursing beds coordinated with the memoriana room concept Due to the divided sideguards, the resident can see the edges of his bed. In the first extension level of the sideguards, this offers the resident barrier-free protection and optimal orientation. These settings make it possible for residents to safely orient themselves when in bed. Raised at the head end of the bed, the sideguards help mobile residents to stand up and provide safety at the same time. The height adjustment of the bed can be arranged to suit the resident and help him to get in and out of bed. Safety The...

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Product range overview Nursing home bed sentida Colors | Décor memoriana Corpus Natural beech R 5320 Lining B01 Beech tinted R 5313 with divided sideguards (10), with no gaps* L 206 cm, W 103 cm (T, G), 106 cm (S, K) H1 25 cm (bed in low position) H2 80 cm (bed in high position Corpus A03 Maple R 5184 Lining R 5681 Havana cherry Corpus R 5681 Havana cherry Lining R 5447 Cacao Bedside cabinets & dressers Art. No. 10-0528, Bedside cabinet vivo E2T W 53 cm, H 62 cm, D 45 cm Art. No. 70-0107, Open bedside cabinet Left**: W 45 cm, H 65 cm, D 45 cm Right***: W 45 cm, H 70 cm, D 45 cm Accessory...

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Functionele elegantie in de verpleging L l gance fonctionnelle au service des soins Elegancia funcional en los cuidados Functional elegance in nursing care Eleganza e funzionalit nell’assistenza wissner-bosserhoff GmbH Hauptstraße 4-6 58739 Wickede (Ruhr), Germany Phone: +49(0)2377/784-0 Fax: +49(0)2377/784-163 Functionele elegantie in de verpleging E-Mail: L l gance fonctionnelle au service des soins L l gance fonctionnelle au service des soins Functionele elegantie in de verpleging wissner-bosserhoff | Art.-No. 97-0700 | Edition 03/2012, Rev.1 | Print msp druck und medien |...

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