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Functional elegance in nursing care

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multicare® The new premium intensive care bed In an intensive care ward, everything has to be perfect: Maximum performance is a must here, both on the part of staff and technology. For this reason, the specialists in the intensive care ward need medical equipment they can rely on at all times. Thanks to its reliable high-tech functions for all areas of intensive care, the state-of-the-art intensive care bed multicare® eases the workload of staff and, at the same time, supports the patient over the entire recovery process. nursing easier • Kinetic therapy up to 30° through automatic, lateral...

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multicare® Kinetic therapy up to 30° through automatic lateral tilting

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Our standards – your benefit Focus on the user Providing medical and technical innovations to support patient recovery is a matter of course for us, as the patient always comes first at wissner-bosserhoff. However, not only patients need a bed tailored to their individual needs. Adaptation is also crucial for the staff directly or indirectly providing care, day by day. Therefore, wissner-bosserhoffis also focusing on users from the sectors of nursing care, management and technical service. The WIBO promise Patient Nursing care • Better conditions for recovery • Effective fall and bedsore...

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multicare® at a glance Unique advantages Bedsore prevention and therapy Weight monitoring Less time and energy needed Sitting upright Target-oriented information >> Automatic lateral therapy Page 10/11 >> Therapy system virtuoso Page 12/13 >> Integrated weighing system Page 14/15 >> Lateral tilting up to 30° Page 22/23 >> Orthopneic position Page 24/25 >> MultiBoard with LCD touch screen Page 26/27 Process simplification Fall prevention and nursing care ergonomics Reduction of strain in nursing care and ergonomics Highest safety standards possible >> i-brake, i-drive and 5th castor Page...

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Kinetic therapy Automatic lateral therapy by up to 30° Lack of movement in critical and intensive care patients can lead to a multitude of medical complications, for example reduced lung capacity, atelectasis, pneumonia and bedsores. The lateral (sideways) tilting is a tried and tested method of improving the patient’s health. As it can be fully programmed, this method is part of a complex, evidence-based strategy for VAP prevention or avoiding pulmonary complications. Therapy cycles can be easily and individually adjusted by nursing staff at the bed‘s LCD touch screen. After a monitored...

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Bedsore prevention and therapy Therapy system virtuoso Bedsore therapy can be lengthy, painful and expensive. For these reasons, it is essential to actively avoid all risk factors and to provide effective treatment. virtuoso can be optionally used in a multicare® bed and is compatible with a lot of other types of beds. Patient • Relief of pressure and effective therapy • Bedding comfort, also at night Functional principle of modern bedsore therapy • bsolute zero pressure for effective bedsore prevention and therapy A for all bedsore risk degrees • ptimal 7 ½-minute alternating cycle...

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Weight monitoring Integrated weighing system Targeted weight monitoring of patients in a critical state of health can facilitate a lot of important decisions. On short notice, weight information can be used for decisions on dosage of medication; for long-term purposes, the stored weight history of the patient can help staff draw conclusions about the patient’s condition, for example his fluid balance. Patient • Reduction in stress, as weighing takes place in the bed • Overdoses are avoided Nursing care • Less repositioning of the patient, more time for nursing tasks • Continuous weight...

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Process simplification X-ray capable backrest for C-arm and standard X-ray Moving the patient out of his bed for examination with a C-arm (part of basic equipment) or standard X-ray unit causes as much stress to the patient as it does to the nursing staff. Thanks to the integrated C-arm and X-ray cassette tray of the multicare®, the major effort of repositioning not necessary any more. Patient • X-ray examinations can be performed directly in the bed, causing no stress to the patient • No need of having the patient sit up Nursing care • Periodic examination of the lung Application...

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Nursing care ergonomics and fall prevention Innovative functions Functions that simplify everyday nursing tasks should be included in every hospital bed’s design. It is crucial that these functions not only improve routine nursing tasks but are also user-friendly and can be intuitively operated. With the added functionality of the 5th castor, i-drive and i-brake, multicare® more than just meets this requirement, as all three functions considerably simplify everyday nursing care, are easy to operate and stand in if activation has been forgotten. Patient • Fewer falls, thus quicker recovery •...

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Facilitation of nursing care 2 x 2 foot controls for lateral tilting and height adjustment 1. With the foot controls for height adjustment, nursing staff can adapt the patient surface height from both sides of the bed, adjusting it to the preset examination position quickly. Thanks to the preset examination position, the bed is automatically adjusted to a high position, while backrest and leg rest move to a flat position, ensuring an ergonomic patient position. With the foot controls, this function can be used hygienically and without putting strain on the back or having to use the hands....

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Facilitation of nursing care Lateral tilting Patient • Effective bedsore prevention • Gentle repositioning of the patient for all nursing tasks • Stimulation through repositioning • Mobilization support Looking after a patient who is partially or completely immobile is without doubt one of the most strenuous parts of the work for nursing staff. These activities are a key part of everyday nursing routines. In many cases, nursing care also requires the patient to be positioned on his side, e.g. when changing bed sheets, for mobilization or skin and hygiene care. Thanks to its lateral tilting...

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