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■ ■ wissner-■ ■ bosserhoff Functional elegance in nursing care The patented side guard system

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Patented*, voluntarily certified and tested in practice more than 600,000 times + wissner-bosserhoff not only has its production processes and management regularly audited by the TÜV voluntarily, but also its nursing home beds. They are also certified with the "European passport", the CB certificate awarded by TÜV Süd Hanover, which is specialized in medical products. And there is more: The safety of the small, less than 60mm central gap chosen for SafeFree® was tested by Berlin CERT in order to detect risks beforehand. However: No laboratory test is better than years of experience in...

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FDMs* are history – SafeFree®: Preserving freedom instead of taking it away For operators and nursing staff, handling side guards is a real dilemma associated with serious liability risks: Side guards that offer "too little protection" can lead to serious falls. Side guards that offer "too much protection" can, on the other hand, be legally seen as a freedom-depriving measure and lead to criminal prosecution. SafeFree® makes all the difference with its tried and tested half-length side guard with foot-end bed egress >102 cm. Compared to bed rails with a central or foot gap at >31.8 cm, this...

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Mobilization and positioning Fast and flexible multi-step adjustment of the side guard and bed height In Germany alone, there are about 5 million cases of falls among the elderly population each year. One in three of the 65 to 80-year-olds and one in two of those over 80 fall at least once a year.1) The SafeFree® side guard helps prevent these falls with its fast, four-step height adjustment. The side guard can be adjusted individually to the resident's height, making it possible to choose the best support angle for the resident's active and safe mobilization. A perfect addition to this is...

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wissner-bosserhoff GmbH HauptstraSe 4-6 | 58739 Wickede (Ruhr) | Germany Phone: +49 2377.784-0 | Fax: -163 | | wissner-bosserhoff | item No. 97-1036 | Edition 08.2018, Rev.1 | Slight deviations in color are possible. Technical changes reserved.

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