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■ ■ wissner-■ ■ bosserhoff Functional elegance in nursing care Intuitive simplicity

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Improving and maintaining mobility SafeLift | Revolutionary bed operation for residents A key goal in in-patient care for the elderly is to maintain or improve mobility. More mobile residents are less prone to falling, further secondary diseases such as pressure ulcers are prevented, and their health is kept in optimum condition. This increases their self-esteem and an independent lifestyle is less restricted. SafeLift offers the simplest operation so that residents can adjust their bed independently and set it to the best mobilization position for them. At the same time, they can support...

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Adjustment buttons for bed height and backrest only the features which residents really needs provides firm grip when standing up Mobilization and standing-up aid Residents can set their bed independently to the best position to get out and support themselves on the SafeLift controller. No cable or battery Thanks to established radio technology, the SafeLift controller can be operated without any fault-prone cables. Automatic night light and fluorescent buttons make it easier to get around in the dark.

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Added value for residents, care and care-home management Promotes relief & mobility    Flexibility and in line with expert standards economic efficiency • Accessible to residents when lying down, individually positionable and usable as a support • Fall prevention - no tripping hazards from hanging cables • Position of the SafeLift controller individually adjustable for each resident • Suitable for right- and left-handed people, as well as people who get out of the right or left side of the bed • Automatic night light makes it easier to get around in the dark • Promotes the mobility and...

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wissner-bosserhoff GmbH HauptstraSe 4-6 | 58739 Wickede (Ruhr) | Germany Phone: +49 2377.784-0 | Fax: -163 | | wissner-bosserhoff | Art.-No. 97-1182 | Edition 05.2019, Rev. 1 | Slight deviations in colour are possible. Technical changes reserved.

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