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Universal low nursing beds

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sentida – universal low nursing beds No compromises: Safety and comfort in perfection Falling is one of the greatest risks for the physical health and psychological well-being of elderly people. For this reason, systematic fall prevention is of crucial importance in care for the elderly, making it an important quality feature of a nursing home. The consequences of falls are often very serious for elderly people and, in the worst case, even irreversible. The fear of further falls is one of the most common psychological consequences, leading to limited physical activity, a loss of...

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The sentida living idea The selection of materials and colors follows current, natural living trends. This way, a cozy, warm atmosphere, in which the resident feels safe and protected, is created. Low nursing bed sentida 5 in D10 design Bedside cabinet Armchair belsedia

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Patented SafeFree® side guard concept Design handset Often imitated but never duplicated - our contribution for less restraint in agreement with the Werdenfels care pathway* and the Redufix** project • Divided side guards, each adjustable in 4 different heights • No middle post, no dangerous central gap Improved and extended functionality • 3 safety levels adjustable: Nursing, resident and safety mode • 2 automatic positions: Comfort seating and prevention automatic • Mobilization function • Night light control • Separate leg rest adjustment • Play protection for height adjustment • Optimal...

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For further information, please read our sentida 7-i catalog. Four 50 or 75 mm castors at the foot end double castors Two 100 or 160 mm castors at the head end fixed castors 50 mm double castors, completely covered by cozy undercarriage cladding 100, 125 or 150 mm easy-roll castors or 125 mm double or design castors Electric braking with handset foot-end brake bar Head-end and foot-end brake bar One pedal brake for each axle with 2-castor central braking system Foot-end brake bar with 4-castor central braking system Castors Two fixed castors at the foot end Two 100 mm castors at the head...

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sentida furnishing examples

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BiNetic patient surface with double retraction for effective pressure ulcer prevention Patient surface ergonomics Effectiveness of double retraction confirmed Average resident height 170 cm The ergonomic division of the patient surface helps prevent pressure and therefore contributes to pressure ulcer reduction. The dimensions of the 4-part patient surface of wissner-bosserhoff nursing home beds are based on findings from anthropometrics, i.e. on the average size and height of a person. On the basis of professor Eigler’s findings, it can be seen that the backrest area should be at least 80...

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Without central gap > 318 mm and without middle post care, mobilization and safe sleep All standard wissner-bosserhoff nursing home beds are equipped with an integrated bed extension. With the express bed extension (see image below/option), sentida - with divided side guards - can be adjusted flexibly and without tools to different bed lengths. The requirements of the new standard IEC 60601-2-52 are complied with in each configuration. The IVS intelligent verticalization system not only features a great height adjustment range of 27 to 80 cm, but due to its integrated control sensors also...

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SafeFree® – the patented side guard concept Obtain freedom – in line with the Werdenfelser Weg* In lowered position, the divided side guards enable unhindered access to the resident for daily nursing tasks, changing wound dressings or bed sheets and linen. No need to take off and store interfering accessories like a middle post or fixed side guards. Mobilization with the right support angle according to the resident’s height No middle post and no central gap protector More safety due to smaller central gap* < 60 mm For safety at night, it is often sufficient to combine the low position of...

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Intelligent design handset with extended functionality Already at first glance, the handset of the sentida nursing home beds impresses with its clarity and ergonomic form: fewer buttons and large symbols ensure that operation can be learned intuitively. The automatic positions of sentida, adjustable at the push of a button, increase comfort when lying in bed and support pressure ulcer prevention for the benefit of the resident while reducing the strain on nursing staff. Backrest adjustment Extended functions The pre-selection function makes the handset single fault safe – triggering a...

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Safety + freedom day and night due to intelligent bed exit sensor system wissner-bosserhoff, your reliable partner for the reduction of freedom-depriving measures (FDM): With SafeSense®, wissner-bosserhoff presents an intelligent assistance sensor system, which reliably helps reducing freedom-depriving measures day and night. It is equipped with an automatic night light, which is activated when the resident leaves the bed and is deactivated when the resident is back in bed again. SafeSense® is compatible with standard nurse call systems and can be retrofitted to wissner-bosserhoff nursing...

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Effective cable management Antimicrobial coating D-box provides energy for bed and reading light Sterile* surfaces in a minimum of time With the convenient D-box, tangled cables are a thing of the past. Attached at the inside of the head section, the D-box collects both the cables of the bed and light. This way, only one cable leads to the power socket. In nursing care institutions, the number of infections with MRSA (methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus) and other pathogens which are hard or complex to prevent or kill by common hygiene measures is increasing. For this reason,...

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memoriana sentida in the room concept for dementia patients Adequately taking care of people with dementia is a particular challenge for nursing staff and relatives. In cooperation with dementia experts from Great Britain and Germany, wissner-bosserhoff has developed a room concept especially for dementia patients. Specifically adapted to the needs of the patient, the new concept offers a considerable reduction in the strain on those providing care. The focus of the development includes three targets for the care of residents with dementia: Improving orientation Maximizing safety The...

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