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■ ■ wissner-■ ■ bosserhoff Functional elegance in nursing care The intelligent nursing home bed

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sentida 7-i The intelligent nursing home bed With sentida 7-i, wissner-bosserhoff does not only continue the success story of universal and low nursing beds, it also sets new standards in electronics and intelligent sensors, which previously had only been available for hospital beds. At the same time, the nursing home bed maintains the cozy design that distinguishes all wissner-bosserhoff products. hours/day for residents needing care level 3. At least 4 hours of this time are spent on daily basic care. hours/day of nursing are required in cases of hardship. Nursing care needs to be...

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Living concept sentida 7-i | Design G10 The selection of materials and colors follows current, natural living trends. This way, a cozy, warm atmosphere, in which the resident feels safe and protected, is created.

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Even the standard version of the sentida 7-i comes with comprehensive functionalities. Moreover, our optional feature packages make it possible to adjust the bed to your needs. Standard Weighing system & bed exit Weight monitoring ■ Integrated weighing system ■ Automatic weight measurement at the push of a button ■ Weekly and monthly overview ■ BMI check Page 12 Safety sensor system ■ Side guard assistant - Free mode to avoid restraints - Safe mode for protection with moderate restraints - Bed height assistant - Braking assistant Page 14 ■ Light: Plug & play handset ■ Full: Plug & play...

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01 CareBoard® • Comfortable 7" LCD touchscreen • Direct selection of safety-relevant buttons • Energy saving mode II Mobi-Lift® for self-mobilization** • Mobilization aid • Integrated height adjustment • Minimum of physical strain 02 ■ Comfort resident handset** Improved and extended functionality • Illuminated display • Integrated LED light • GO safety button • Separate legrest Free & Save FDM* sensor system** • Free mode: Avoiding restraints • Safe mode: Protection with approved restraints Bed height & braking assistant** (§6 © Bed exit early warning system • Weight sensor system detects...

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Nursing at your fingertips Intensive and critical care Acute care package The comprehensive functionality of sentida 7-i can be easily operated using the CareBoard®. The 7“ LCD touchscreen enables the nursing staff to organize the various functions in clear menus in order to facilitate everyday nursing care for the user. In addition to the medical benefits, safety and compliance with the IEC 60601-2-52 standard are the first priority. The sentida 7-i nursing home bed offers preset emergency and therapy positions, which can also be initiated if the LCD touchscreen is down. The emergency stop...

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Quick weighing & easy documentation Safety & freedom Weight monitoring with touchscreen SafeSense® – the intelligent bed exit sensor system The integrated weighing system supports the nursing staff during documentation, without the complicated use of a lifter. In addition to this, the weight chart, which is saved hourly and can be displayed in intervals of days, weeks and months, can improve medical care and also helps to draw conclusions concerning the dosage of medication or the assessment of lymphatic fluid accumulation in the legs. wissner-bosserhoff is a reliable partner for reducing...

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For the benefit of your residents Self mobilization Safety sensor Three sensor assistants ensure a higher level of safety around the nursing home bed. A signal is sent by the integrated sensor system as soon as an activated assistant reports an unsafe situation involving the bed. This prevents accidents caused by falls. Video Safety Sensors Mobi-Lift®: • Can be folded down • Ergonomical The side guard assistant with the two modes Free & Safe. Free mode: The new side guard assistant automatically emits a signal if side guards were accidentally lifted. This prevents unauthorized restraints,...

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Thanks to its clear structure and ergonomic design, the handset impresses at first glance. At night, the illuminated control panel and integrated LED light are useful for orientation and safe mobilization. The GO safety button optimally follows the principle of zero fault tolerance. It is impossible to trigger a function by accidentally pressing a button. The handset is easy to reach for both the resident and staff at all times (accessory handset holder, model No. 10-0419 and 10-0421). ■ Illuminated control panel ■ LED light ■ LED locking of thigh rest/backrest ■ Adjust thigh...

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Protection and mobility without restraints* SafeFree® the patented side guard concept Safe mobilization The SafeFree® divided side guard system is patented and voluntarily certified. The technology has been tested in practice more than 500,000 times. You can lower the space-saving side guards quickly in only 2 seconds and individually adjust them to four heights, depending on the care situation and size of the resident. The divided side guard can effectively aid mobilization, because it is easy to grip and hold. It serves as a safe standing-up aid and has been shown to improve the...

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Safe sleep, mobilization and care 3 bed lengths that can be adjusted without tools The IVS intelligent verticalization system not only features a great height adjustment range of 27 to 80 cm, but due to its integrated control sensors also prevents collisions when setting the bed to the comfort seating position. This becomes an indispensable advantage, especially when combined with the bed extension to 220 cm. All standard wissner-bosserhoff nursing home beds are equipped with an integrated bed extension. With the express bed extension (see image below/option), sentida - with divided side...

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Effective pressure ulcer prevention Double retraction | 3 patient surfaces to choose from Patient surface ergonomics Average resident height 170 cm The ergonomic division of the patient surface helps prevent pressure and therefore contributes to pressure ulcer reduction. The dimensions of the 4-part patient surface of wissner-bosserhoff nursing home beds are based on findings from anthropometrics, i.e. on the average size and height of a person. On the basis of pro- Effectiveness of double retraction confirmed* fessor Eigler’s findings, it can be seen that the backrest area should be at...

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