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virtuoso®  series 2 - 3

EffEctivE, pRovEn  pREvEntion and  tHERapY Effective and proven pressure  ulcer prevention and therapy for  the highest risk patients in all  nursing environments.  safEtY of caRE  patient and carer safety are key  factors in this system design. virtuoso provides many features  specifically to enhance the safety    of all who come into contact with  this product. optimisation  of caRE the virtuoso mattress system has  been designed to meet the most  demanding of your nursing needs  when caring for very high risk  patients. its special features and  options create a flexible 24 hour   ...

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virtuoso®  series 2 - 4

Effective, proven prevention & therapy Virtuoso with 3 cell technology provides the benefits of “Zero Pressure” for maximum prevention and “Regular application and removal of pressure” for maximum therapy. The 7.5 minute cell cycle simulates the body’s normal response to pressure for natural protection. [01]  ZERo pREssuRE Kosiak1 studied the link between pressure and time showing that even very low pressure can lead to tissue damage. He concluded that since it is impossible to completely eliminate all pressure for a long period of time, it becomes imperative that the pressure be completely...

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virtuoso®  series 2 - 5

Effectiveness of an active system is a key issue in dealing with pressure  sores. carers should be well aware of what equipment they are using  and should put their patient solely on proven therapy products.  [03]  3 cEll tEcHnologY [a, B, c] the patient body weight is distributed evenly across  two thirds of the surface thus allowing the mattress  to be soft and comfortable without compromising its  clinical outcome. moreover, since only one third of  the surface is active at a time (inflating/deflating) it      provides optimum stable support to the body enabling ...

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virtuoso®  series 2 - 6

safety of care patient and carer safety are key factors in this system design. virtuoso  provides many features specifically to enhance the safety of all who    come into contact with this product. [01]  caRdio pulmonaRY  REsuscitation (cpR)  operated by one hand, cpR enables rapid deflation for    emergency situations and is accompanied by visual and  audio alarms to prevent inadvertent use. [02]  caBlE managEmEnt Easy to use cable management system eliminates  tripping hazard for staff and visitors. also reduced  potential power cable damage increases equipment ...

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virtuoso®  series 2 - 7

virtuoso® system control unit Handling and opERating tHE sYstEm | the virtuoso® system control unit  (scu) is designed with ergonomics and ease of handling in mind. it is easy to carry and  easy to mount on the bed. the unique air connector socket is approached easily from  above reflecting the carer’s natural posture. simple to use front panel controls with clear    graphical symbols make operation easy to learn and remember. [01] altERnating pREssuRE  tHERapY (apt) modE once turned on, the mattress automatically  switches to alternating mode and adjusts the ...

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virtuoso®  series 2 - 8

optimisation of care the virtuoso mattress system has been designed to meet the most  demanding nursing needs when caring for very high risk patients.  [01]  4 WoRKing modEs – optimising  caRE altERnating pREssuRE tHERapY is the basic  therapeutic mode simulating the natural movement of a  patient and thereby helping prevent and treat pressure  ulcers.  maX inflatE presents firm and stable support for    patient care. after 30 minutes it automatically switches  to the alternating mode to prevent the risk of pressure  ulcers. constant loW pREsuRE automatically maintains ...

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virtuoso®  series 2 - 9

[04]  BattERY BacK up option Easy to use battery back up feature provides active  therapy while moving the patient’s bed & safety in case  of loss of power.  [05a]  HEad ZonER option provides choice of alternating or static modes to  best suit the needs of your patient. also cell deflation    function aides with specialist or day to day procedures  such as intubation or hair washing.

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